Nested object properties


Could you implement the posibility to create nested properties for objects. I'll demonstrate with my specific case to clarify, but I'm sure the use-cases can expand quite a lot and I've seen attempts at this in other ideas, but looking at a very specific case and I want to underline here how this can be used by all teams and apply to all types of Hubspot objects.


In my case, I want to be able to store what softwares our leads use (company level) and be able to categorise them in software types.  So I would like to be able to create and store for example:


Company X

        Softwares (main property)

                 Social media (sub-property)



                 eCommerce (sub-property)


                 Agency (sub-property)

                           Saatchi & Saatchi


This would be very helpful to store and organise custom information in an organised way without having to create 10 properties that refer to the same type of data.


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I would love for this to expand across all property groupings. We have so many properties on the Contact level, that even categorizing them within groups is not enough to benefit our attempt at organizing. We have almost 20 groups and it would be SO VALUABLE for us to have nested groups, "sub-folders" if you will, to be able to fully use Hubspot as the CRM we are attempting to migrate to.


Agreed, I would love to be able to use this on Deals for qualifying questions. I would like to have the ability to have both the Nested Groupings, Stage 1, Stage 2... and then the same for Nested Properties where you had a IF Property Value = 1 then populate Property A, IF Property Value = 2 then populate Property B.


Nesting/sub-categories is essential! Especially for reporting at different levels of the Nesting.