Need to filter prebaked Campaign report

I'm looking at the top report under my current campaign and while it shows me closed deals made by new contacts or influenced contacts, I want to filter that to include ONLY the new contacts. It would be easy to do if only I could filter by a particular deal type (we have three) of Purchase. For us, we're really interested in how many people come in through interaction with a campaign and make their first purchase because of the campaign. 


Plus, we have some annual subscribers and some monthly. So in the case of our Christmas campaign which runs for a few months, if a contact purchases a monthly subscription, that's going to create 3 deals over 3 months time. I am only wanting to see the one that is the first time order (Purchase) not the Renewals.


With the help of support, I have worked out a way to do this, but it's mostly manual and very clunky. Prebaked reports are great, but it would be wonderful to convert them so we can alter as we need.

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