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Need to allow datetime as "fieldType" for display in Contact Records

For a long time now HubSpot supports creating a custom datetime field on a Contact record. However, this is limited by the corresponding fieldType (what the UI uses to display the data) being set to date, not datetime. The UI only displays the date portion of the field value, but in history, or details view, the full DateTime is displayed. 


There are many, many scenarios where it's important to capture both the date and time. In our case, scheduling webinars.


It's not especially useful to schedule a webinar say 2023-02-15T20:30:00Z (3PM EST), but having it show up in the UI only as 02/15/2023. 


This limitation also makes it impossible to build a UI to allow these webinars to be scheduled from within HubSpot (using custom API integration to Zoom to setup the webinar). We need to be able to input both a date AND time, not just a date.


Same scenario would apply for a sales call, or reminder to call a customer at a specific time to close a deal. It's just nuts that this very simple feature isn't there...especially considering that it is there in the details and history view. Building a date-time picker is very little development effort (maybe 2 hours?), and that seems to be the only limitation here to allowing the datetime fieldType.


HubSpot, this has been asked for by others for years. Please get on it ASAP.


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This is a must!!