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Need ticket property containing all associated email activity

We need a new property on the ticket object which would contain all of the email activity on that ticket. When you send a new email, or the associated contact sends a new email, this property should automatically update and append the new activity. This way, you'd have a searchable / filterable property you could use for any of the following scenarios:

  • Suppose you recognize a new recurring bug/issue and need to go back and search for keywords to categorize those tickets
  • Suppose you have a second email come in on the same topic you wrote a really good response to last week, so you'd like to find that ticket and copy+paste the original response (and maybe create a new snippet or template)
  • You could create workflows to automate applying ticket categories and other properties based on keywords in the email threads, and both make your support team more efficient as well as guarantee your ticket category reporting is more thorough and accurate