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Need the ability to schedule a meeting more than 11 weeks out in advance

When creating meeting links in Hubspot it has the option to pick when a meeting can be scheduled. Currently there is a limit of 11 weeks.


Having no limit or a yearly limit would be extremely helpful as we schedule annual and quarterly calls with clients usually 3-6 months out in advance. 

We are trying to get additional individuals on Hubspot but they schedule by the quarter and 11 weeks does not allow far enough out in the future for scheduling with customers.

ステータスに更新: In Beta
April 29, 2024 07:42 AM

Hi everyone!


We are back in Beta! Thank you for your patience and your feedback. For those that wish to join the Beta, you can request access for your portal here. This is currently in a private beta, but we plan to roll it out to all portals shortly. 



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February 02, 2024 11:15 AM

Hi all!


We had to roll back this beta after discovering a bug. I'm switching the status of this thread back to "in planning" for now, but I'll keep this thread updated as soon as we are able to open the beta again.






ステータスに更新: In Beta
January 25, 2024 07:42 AM

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your feedback. 


My name is Melissa and I am the Product Manager for the Meetings tool here at HubSpot.


We just opened a public beta for this functionality! You can opt in by following the steps in this KB article.  The beta is called "Increased Flexibility for Rolling Availability in Scheduling Pages". With this beta, you can now book meetings in scheduling pages up to 60 weeks in advance!


Let me know if you have any feedback!


Can we get an update on this?!  It is time to make this happen, hubspot.  


Still struggling with the 11-week window.  Our entire sales process is meeting based and we lose the amazing automation power of Hubspot when we must manually schedule outside of the meeting links.  For example, meeting type in not categorized and the meeting outcome is blank.  We must use precious team time to manually cleanup to keep data accurate for accountability, sales metrics, and service needs of prospects or clients. The automation is amazing and nearly completely self-managed when in the 11-week window. 




This should be simply enough to do right?  If you have annual check in with customer you would send the meeting for next year, right?


Not sure what is the purpose to limit for meetings right now.


There are multiple posts about this problem and these go back years! Why is this not yet fixed. We have been using Microsoft Bookings to schedule appointments and this is one of the reasons that the main portion of our company went with Salesforce rather than Hubspot (my team is now the only one using Hubspot and it is getting harder to justify staying on this platform)!

Truly does seem to be a waste of time giving feedback on this very simple
and valuable fix.

We need this option also! We book anything up to 12 months in advance, so allowing more then 11 weeks would make our life so much easier and streamline using Hubspot and not other booking systems


Agree 100% as our sales cycle takes sometimes longer and planning in the future is very important to have all stakeholders on board.



holy **bleep**, spent hours setting up my calendar and then there's a limitation! What crapola idea was this.  Fix it now or lose me as a customer


This is a terrible oversight - a ridiculous barrier to an otherwise useful system, rendered totally useless. Please fix Hubspot!!!!


Real feedback from my client I received just a few moments ago.

"I am actually away starting Sept 12 so we may need to miss the September meeting as there is no availability at present and I am not back on deck until 1st of November and your calendar does not extend that far."


This customer is now at risk because we cannot schedule a meeting in November as it is further than 11 weeks away.


I'd like to know if there is a reason why meetings are limited to 11 weeks?


This is a must-have feature for us. I was disappointed to find out there is an 11-week limit!


We book 6-month check-ins with our clients and 1-year follow-ups. Having meeting links that allow booking past 11 weeks means we can set up auto-reminders for our clients without having to book certain meetings through another app. Please update this!


I agree with everyone else on here. I have been using Calendly and other scheduling programs and never have had an issue where it would not let me schedule out at an infinite amount of time. Please update the 11 weeks to at least a year out. Also adjust it so that we have the option of only letting our office book the meeting and not the client. 


The work around for this matter is really a challenge. 


How am I to generate repeat business with someone if I can allow to book at least 1 year in advance and send automatically a confirmation email before the said meeting.


It would be awesome if this issue would be adress.

I requested this several years ago. Obviously, no one is listening.

Would like to see this too. 


This shouldn't be a big ask. My folks need to look quarterly and semi-annually. Why is this not already in place? (especially since i was told it was a feature before buying!)


This request is from 2020 and it makes no sense that this has not been acted on yet. Get on it. 


I thought it was an issue and tried to fix it. I have no idea why it should make sense to have those limitations. A change would be really helpful!


@Olivia_Englert I agree with this request as well. being able to schedule out more than 11 weeks would greatly help the customer connections and impacts we have. 11 weeks is so limited especially trying to schedule out 4+ months in advance. I would be thrilled if this is a change that HubSpot would be willing to make to assist the hubspot customers that are using scheduling with their clients daily!