Need the ability to schedule a meeting more than 11 weeks out in advance


When creating meeting links in Hubspot it has the option to pick when a meeting can be scheduled. Currently there is a limit of 11 weeks.


Having no limit or a yearly limit would be extremely helpful as we schedule annual and quarterly calls with clients usually 3-6 months out in advance. 

We are trying to get additional individuals on Hubspot but they schedule by the quarter and 11 weeks does not allow far enough out in the future for scheduling with customers.

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We ran into the same issue! This would help our CSM team too as we also schedule quarterly and semi-annual calls. Also, during our onboarding process we schedule a series of calls each month for their first 6 months. It is helpful to schedule them out on their first call so they are all set up instead of having to chase them down each month to schedule.

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For "When a meeting can be scheduled," we'd benefit from allowing users to schedule Meetings for longer than 11 weeks away.

The issue is that we're nearly booked for this appointment type for 11 weeks out and we need to give people access to additional weeks and months.

We'd prefer it to be set by a custom number of weeks beyond 11 and not just a dropbox. Maybe even 20-50 weeks in advance candidly. 


Great idea. Another great feature I hear a lot of use cases for would be repeat meetings.


Lots of workflow workarounds would be solved. For example for repeat meetings we currently have to run workflows just to explain how to book follow-ups, keep sending people the same link multiple times and attempt to prevent people booking more than the maximum number. If submitted form 1x do X, if submitted form more than 1x do Y. Quite messy and lots of room for mistakes.


I need client to be able to book more than rolling 11 weeks


How is this even a thing! We just ran into this today.

We have quarterly meetings with clients. Part of our process is to set the next meeting before ending the current meeting. I go to add it to the calendar and well what do you know.... can't go past 11 weeks. 


Are you kidding me?!?! Who in their right mind would enforce something like this on a calendaring product? I have used AcuityScheduiling , Calendly and several others - NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE.


Was told to create the meeting manually. Well, lets talk about that. The issues are:
- Cannot apply the standardized Meeting Name (have to rely on copy/paste or manually typing it)

- Cannot send reminders. This is required as the client needs to be reminded a week before and days before our meeting 3 months from now.

- Have to use a snippet to apply a consistent Agenda to the body of the meeting (ok, have to manually apply, but I can live with that I guess...)

- Has to be tied to your Office 365 calendar for them to get an invite. (Lucky for us this is the case.)


The other option? Create multiple copies of this meeting. Use the Custom Range to generate one that spans 11 weeks from Jan 1... Then one that spans 11 weeks from Mar 19th... Then one that spans 11 weeks from June 24th....


Seriously?!?! What insane world does that make sense? This is a platform that should make my life easier. It should automate things for me. Instead, I have to now create manual processes to do basic things that any other platform on the market handles.




Agreed 11 weeks is not long enough and I had a prospect trying to book a meeting in 3 months, due to their budget renewal cycle and they were unable to do so. This almost cost me a sale but I managed to salvage it and then had to manually send out an invitation. Come on Hubspot where is the rationale behind such a short sighted forecast timescale or even the inability to customise this metric?


Yes we need way more than 11 weeks please!


Yes please!  We definitely need to be able to book out meetings at least 6 months in advance.  Would love to see no time restrictions on this.



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Please please push this forward!


This would help our clients greatly as they schedule reoccuring meetings with team members that work directly with their accounts. 


Would be great to see 12 months.




Need WAYYY more than 11 weeks.   I am trying to give clients the opportunity to book quarterly check-ins and we can't use this tool... such an easy fix.  Please can oyu make that happen promptly?  I don't want to use another calendar system, but I kindof don't have a choice right now.  Would MUCH rather stay with hubspot!  Thanks very much.