Need some kind of permissions to see Dashboard or hide from certain users

Any Hubspot CRM (Sales) user can see all dashboards!



It is scary to me that any CRM user can view anyone else's dashboard in Hubspot Sales.

This has huge privacy issues with lower-level users being able to see my Dashboard and all sales and financial data.

Ummm....this is a huge oversight.


The workarounds are:

1. Not have any dashboards or reporting (not really a good idea...)

2. Disable user from Hubspot CRM access (what's the point then of a CRM if users can't use it?)

3. Restrict access to only contacts OWNED - this is a huge kludgey workaround and hides critical financial information from a Dashboard but doesn't hide the Dashboard and doesn't allow a CRM user to view/edit contacts they don't own but may need to interact with on behalf of some other CRM user.



Please give the ability to have Dashboard Permissions!

Not everyone in the company should have access/visibility into everyone else's charts, graphs, financial pipelines and deals...


We hold these truths to be self-evident.




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This is a must for us

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Yes. Dashboard permissions are a must.

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Any word on this request? I see that custom dashboards can be marked private, but only to the dashboard owner and not a team. Also, standard dashboards can still be seen by anyone.

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We really need to be able to apply different acess / rights to dashboards (it's possible with "Contacts" ... Mine / My team / All ... Why not on dashboards ? It's a really frequent need from our clients.

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same for us!!!!

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Still no update on this issue?

Dasboards permissions based on teams or individuals is a must - we have a lot os users but a differnt levels and territories. Have a junior person see the whole company dasboards and even individual activies on other users is not a good thing.

I can't believe only 40 people upvoted this idea. I wonder if maybe others do not realize that public is really public (all users).

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Yes Agreed. Dashboards contain info that could cause some problems if viewed by other CRM users - New Deals, Number of Deals could cause problems with lower-level users. Dashboard permissions would sove the problem.

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Agree this is a must!

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any news around this! this is important. 

In the management area of the dashboard there should be the possibility of adding also the team or users that you'd like to share the dashboards with!!!


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I agree with many in that this is a MUST. Quite frankly, I'm very disappointed that this isn't an out-of-the box feature. I'm even more disappointed that this initial post was over a year and a half ago and Hubspot has not implemented the functionality. 


Is anyone using a 3rd party reporting tool that can achieve the user limited access functionality we are all looking for?