Need some kind of permissions to see Dashboard or hide from certain users

Any Hubspot CRM (Sales) user can see all dashboards!



It is scary to me that any CRM user can view anyone else's dashboard in Hubspot Sales.

This has huge privacy issues with lower-level users being able to see my Dashboard and all sales and financial data.

Ummm....this is a huge oversight.


The workarounds are:

1. Not have any dashboards or reporting (not really a good idea...)

2. Disable user from Hubspot CRM access (what's the point then of a CRM if users can't use it?)

3. Restrict access to only contacts OWNED - this is a huge kludgey workaround and hides critical financial information from a Dashboard but doesn't hide the Dashboard and doesn't allow a CRM user to view/edit contacts they don't own but may need to interact with on behalf of some other CRM user.



Please give the ability to have Dashboard Permissions!

Not everyone in the company should have access/visibility into everyone else's charts, graphs, financial pipelines and deals...


We hold these truths to be self-evident.




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 Please, we need this functionality too.

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Upvoting this. I want to send a monthly update to our different regional VPs in the form of a pdf or static webpage. 

I dont really want them to set up an account and then see all the reports and activity for other business units

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We would be really happy if this would be implemented. All our employees use HubSpot CRM but not all of them should have access to the information on the sales dashboard. Would be nice to hear from HubSpot on the topic.




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Yes, hubspot needs to have restrictions on who can see the dashboards.


Possibly have different levels available, and different team see certain reports.

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really need my dashboards to be PRIVATE or restricted.



please give us the ability to restrict SHARING of dashboards to:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • everyone
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This is critical for my production team (lower level) using tickets - I do not want them to have access to client contact information or financial data, but want them to be able to view dashboards so they know how they are pacing to their goals. Please implement this ASAP! 

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I have been watching this thread for some time... This is bonkers that there still is not fix. 

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This should be a priority feature for all the reasons listed above!

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I don’t think HubSpot gets how bad this is...

and i don’t think they’ll fix it until enough of us scream loudly enough to fix it. 


It is completely unacceptable to share sensitive financial sales data with every member of my company.


sheesh Hubspot, wake up!

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Why do we not have this yet????