Need option to persistently disable Gmail sidebar w/ GDPR active


After discussion in another thread, it was decided we should mention this here. 


IF a user has the HubSpot Gmail Extension enabled AND IF HubSpot's GDPR Tools are enabled THEN clicking on any message in Gmail results in a HubSpot informational sidebar loading. 


  1. This sidebar can be closed by clicking an X up top, but it re-loads with every message.
  2. There is no way to persistently disable this feature. 

Here's a screen shot:



For those of us regularly work in the CRM, this is a distracting annoyance. Everyone on my team of 10 has told me they're unable to disable it either. Someone in the other thread mentioned their team of seven feels the same way.


Please give us a checkbox so we can turn this off once and for all. Until then, this is the CRM getting in the wayPlease. Let us turn this off.


Thank you.

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100% support this idea! Our entire team is also frustrated by this constant nuisance.


Yes - please. Get rid of this annoyance ASAP. It's so bad I disabled the extension. 


agree, I've disabled the extension because of this bug feature.


Multiple people in my organization have done the same


my team HATES this side bar!! I get asked about it at least once a month (update - it's now turned into 1x or 2x week) how to disable because it is ruing their gmail experience. please allow this to be disabled, it's not an option to disconnect because of the data we're capturing and reporting on from our sales team.


how can we get more visbility on this? I had 3 different people on my team reach out to me this week and they're asking to turn GDPR off because it's unbearable to work with this annoyance. 


@CKidd agreed. Still there. Still a distraction. Still wasting inbox real estate.


You can block the content with uBlock Origin (ad/tracking blocker), but I can't find a way to block the entire element. If anyone has any workarounds/suggestions, I know I'm not the only one interested.