Need more task Queues


Right now there is a maximum of 10 Task Queues I need way more than this. Hopefully they can be extended by alot soon. 

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Hi @CaseyBinkley, thanks for the feedback! Is the limit in number of Queues due to the limit in tasks you can have per queue? Originally we had a limit of 100, but as of this week we've increased it to 500 tasks. Does this resolve your issue? If not, could you provide some more detail about the type of Queues you are creating, and how 10 is not enough? Thanks again.


Hugely Agree.   I don't know what kind of job you've got, but I have at least 20 different areas of responsibilities I have to keep track of separately.



Yes, if we can increase the amount of queues and ideally, incorporate a calendar function into the tasks as well as tags.  that would be incredibly helpful with scheduling. As a sales person, it helps with prioritizing, organizing, and being strategic. For example, I have queues for cold calls, follow ups, reschedule meetings, meeting follow ups, proposals. 

The task manager, ticktick, does this fairly well. Maybe an integration? Regardless, thanks for the help! 


This is what we need also. More queues than 10 as we need to filter between locations etc.. 


Also 500 pieces of data per queue also isn't enough as I reached my limit ages ago and now lots of data are not allocated to a queue and are at risk of being lost, late or just floating around


100% agree, 10 queue's is definetly not enough. A limit of 500 tasks per queue is also not enough for my team. Would be great if there was no limit!


I totally agree! 10 queues is not enough for how I need to use them.  I am the only salesperson my company has and have many responsibilities.  It is vital that I know when I am supposed to contact my prospects, and just being able to assign a task by date isn't enough, because I generally have to call contacts multiple times in order to get in touch with them and my list of tasks just gets overwhelming.  I use the queues to assign them mainly by month, and at least two different categories per month.  I do this so I don't lose track of someone, as well as creating specific queues in order to contact them with specific information.  


For example...I have one titled "VIP" this point it's pretty big and inefficient.  I also send out letters monthly, and I am wrapping up my calls for July so still have that queue.  I have a queue for August Letters, and a separate one for August VIP.  I have a September VIP, and I'm going to do an email campaign in September, so I have one titled "Three Lines" (title of email), and there is an event coming up soon I want to contact female prospects for, so have a queue for it titled "Women's Forum".  Plus I need one for September mailings.  Then, I need to task out into the future so I have Oct VIP and Nov VIP.  That's 10.  There is an event in November that I would like to have a queue for, as well as be able to put contacts in a queue for October mailings.  There are some that I will only want to contact again around the Christmas holiday, so I'd like to have a queue for that.  And there are some that I won't need to contact again until January, so I'd like to have a queue for that.  

And...I have contacts that I haven't even put into queues going all the way back to March...because I just haven't had time time. 


Ideally, if I could have at least 3 standard queues per month...August, August VIP, and August mailings.  Then the option for 2 events/specific emails.  That's 5 per month.  If it could be forecast for 7 months, that's a total of 35 queues.  I'd be set, my contacts could be segregated (yes, I'd be moving them from one month to the next if I couldn't reach them), but it would TRULY help me manage my time better and not miss an important prospect.  Or at a minimum, 20 queues, I could probably find a way to deal with that.  But 10 is just too restrictive.  


Yesterday, Hubspot found a way to create a duplicate contact of mine all by itself.  So, it it has that much skill, I don't understand why the # of queues can't be expanded.


This is a major issue for us. We are quite a small sales team but we deal with multiple campaigns that each requires their own task queue, as well as the tasks for our own pipeline.


We also find that as nice as it is to have 500 tasks for the queue, navigating the queue is impossible, with limited to no filtering. We also find if you are using the queue as a call list, by the time you reach call 80-90 in that day, the system goes painfully slow and you need to clear your cache and cookies to make it run normally again. With this in mind, we sometimes have to split multiple campaigns over multiple queues, hitting our max limit of 10 very quickly. I do not understand why there can not be more than 10 queues?!


500 just isn't enough. Why not 5000? I have to create two queue's to store 1 list of data now, that's not very efficient for my cold calling team!


Definitely need more than 10 Queues. Not being able to sort Tasks by Associated Company or Contact makes the feature virtually useless for our business development managers. They need to keep track of all sales prospect account activity across multiple members of our team. Having a separate Queue for each target prospect company would be ideal, but we'd need approximately 150. Target Accounts and Lists don't do much in the way of helping solve this issue either.



The number of task queues a team has should be determined by each team. 10 is not enough for my team and it looks like for other teams as well. Please consider adding more (and adding more than 500 possible tasks per queue). Thank you!