Need if / then branches map for Chatflows


As a Marketing Manager who creates and maintains my company's chatbots, it would be extremely timesaving for me to have a map (think workflow diagram) of the entirity of my chatflow's actions, where I can see how a bot's programmed conversation containing if / then branches flows down all paths in a single view. 


Currently when building a chatflow with if / then logic branches, I can only see a single path of one branch at a time by individually clicking through the responses. This makes it difficult to remember what questions or actions have already been presented and where they fall within each path. With each if / then branch added, it becomes even more tedious to retrace your steps. 

Below I've included examples of other companies who have similar features.
Typeform Logic Map:

Drift editor:

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YES! Put differently, I wish the chatflow editor looked and functioned more similarly to the HubSpot workflow editor. They are essentially the same thing, or ought to be. Instead of having "If response is X," and "If response is Y" as radio buttons, basically, they should be shown as If/then branches.


This might also resolve the need of CJung here: