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Need contact owner per business unit

My client has spun out a second company from their original company, and we are partitioning data within two business units under the original portal. All the contacts in the original portal had a contact owner assigned, but a different set of employees are responsible for the new business unit and we would like to assign them respectively as contact owners without writing over the existing data. In essence each contact needs a contact owner per business unit.

An example of where this would be useful is in setting up meeting scheduling links. There is already the ability to associate the meeting to a business unit, but when you prioritize the contact's owner for scheduling in a round robin meeting type, it defaults to the native contact owner and there's no way to differentiate the owner per business unit. The workaround of creating a custom HubSpot user property isn't applicable here because there's no way to set the meeting to use that custom property instead of the native contact owner.