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Need ability to style online Schedule Meeting UI

On the Hubspot online meeting scheduler (Schedule Meeting window that prompts for email address first), we’d like ability to customize the style (thickness, color, etc.) of the border of Step 1 of the form.


We currently embed this on our site (not using Hubspot CMS) and there is a thick blue border around the form which leads to "banner blindness" and is likely impacting conversion of those wanting to schedule a demo with us.


Would love the ability to style, or apply CSS to this online schedule meeting UI so we can make it better conform to our website and strengthen conversion.

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But, how can I upvote this idea? 

I'm not able click on the thums up icon.


The logo info entered in settings shows up along the top of the meetings page but is not at all customizeable. Would be better if we could adjust the size. In general, more robust ability to manage branding would be great.


Being able to edit the Meetings pages and emails (even if it is just being able to rename the "Let's Meet" heading and button text) would be FABULOUS!!


We would love to be able to indicate that it's a virtual meeting and would prefer a more generic button title like 'Continue'




Please add this functionality! The light gray color of the time slots makes them look unavailable. Would love to be able to choose an alternate color.


Agree, would be fantastic to style meetings sign up pages for each brand domain so they sit closer to the brand identity as well. We have two different brand domains in HubSpot but aren't able to customise the logo shown at the top of meeting links as it's pulled from the default company branding logo. 


Yes please! I want that big blue border gone but have no clue how to do so. Some extra settings would be awesome. 

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer - 


Currently, we are automatically pulling the logo displayed on the meetings link from the account's branding kit, and the same logo is appearing twice on the page - one at the top and another right above the calendar. There isn't a way to remove one of it, without having to delete the logo from their branding kit settings altogether. Would be super beneficial if users were allowed some flexibility to customise the scheduling page (ie. remove some elements, use a different logo, etc) 🙂 


Can we set up an event listener for when a HubSpot JS event occurs and then updates the HubSpot Meeting form styles after the UI load of the second screen to submit?


It's really important to us that the scheduler is correctly branded so it would be great if we could get this feature added.