Need a way to add "Me" to filters on other properties

Since we cannot assign Contacts to a Team, I'd like the ability to add different Sales People names to a property and then create a filter on the Contacts that would search the new Property to see if it contained "Me" (the user).



Contact: Robert Smith

Owner: Martin

Sales People: Martin; Joe; Sam; Bob


When Joe uses a newly created All My Contacts filter, Robert Smith would appear in his filter.   I do not want to create a filter for each Rep, but simply want to pass "Me" just like the My Contacts does, but I want to specify which property to look in.,



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I want a similar feature to be able to use 'Me' for any custom HubSpot User property for Contact/Company/Deal filters.

In our instance, against an account and contact we have:
Contact Owner: Account manager (has a 'Me' option)

BD Owner: Inside sales

Services Owner: Training & consultancy


I want to create one set of filters for these user groups so they can see their contacts - not have to set them up on a per-user basis.

I cannot repurpose Contact owner - as this is synchronised to Salesforce and would corrupt our sales data