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Need a form that just collects data and does not add fields to a contact/company record

Hi! We have a need to collect data from our clients that does not need to be stored on a contact/company record. It could link to a contact/company record, but the data is generally ancillary.


Examples include collecting information from clients to set up a website for them. We might ask for things like logos, brand colors, copy for websites, URLs, etc. which do not need to be stored permanently on the contact/company record.


A single source location, such as a spreadsheet, would be better for our staff that need to access this information to build the websites (rather than having to find it on each contact/company record scattered throughout the CRM).


Please consider offering a Forms feature where the data is somewhat divorced form a contact/company record.

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YES! A thousand times yes! We frequently ask for information in forms that is not relevant for permanent records or is specific to the inquiry, like "Who do you want to contact?" "Which course are you interested in?" or "how many employees will be registered?". We do not want this info cluttering our contact records.