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Need Team based Call/Meeting Types & Outcomes please

We use call/meeting types and outcomes for our sales teams activites. They are excellent for automating our workflow. 


We really want to start using them for our customer success team. However the list is going to get long and make it cumbersome for our teams to find the proper type or outcome if we put both teams types and outcomes on one list. 

Requesting a new feature that would allow us to build out call type and outcomes based on the team a user is assigned too.

This would allow us to build out workflows based on a particular department or job description. It would also make it very easy an intuitive for the user as they wouldn't need to have an understanding of the reasons or outcome options listed for other teams. 


Please and thank you. 

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I have submitted a similar idea here a while ago - would you mind upvoting and commenting?


done, thank you