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Need Task Box in Sequence Analytics Results for Immediate High Priority Follow Ups

Please put check boxes to the left of respondent names in the Sequence Analytics results screens for "Opens" and "Clicks" and add a "Task" link in th top header (Same as in the Contact screen) so we can immediately prioritize and schedule our next round of sales calls to those prospects indicating a high level of interest in our Sequence topics. Most of my email blasts return long lists of single or double Opens and/or Clicks, but recently I'm getting an unusually high percentage of respondents with 5-12 Opens and/or Clicks, often by multiple contacts from the same Company, further indicating a high group interest and sales opportunity.  A check box next to their name with a Task link would allow me to load my daily call list in a matter of seconds, rather than having to go into each contact individually to do so, wasting precious time. Very few of my team mates use HubSpot to it's full potential because it's too click intensive. Updates such as this could help change their minds on HubSpot's usefulness.