Need Sync rule to favor Hubspot value


When setting field mappings between Hubspot and SFDC, we can specify "Prefer Salesforce" or "Always use Salesforce".


It would be good to have a "Always use Hubspot" option.


For example, if my field data originates from Hubspot (like a message sent in our contact form), I always want to push this value to salesforce, and hubspot should be the master value.


The closet you can get is to use "two-way" sync but that relies on the value in SFDC never changing.


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This would also be helpful in use cases where an automation continues to change the Salesforce value but we would like to prefer the HubSpot value despite any background Salesforce changes. 


I definitely need this feature urgently too - there are many fields where the value is set by HubSpot from an inbound form, and I never want the sales team to update them in salesforce. We have a weird sync issue were something in SF is triggering an update to a filed and over-writing the source value in HubSpot, which is causing us major issues.

I really can't understand why you wouldn't offer the "always use HubSpot" option when you have it the other way round, makes no sense to me!

Please, please add this update to the salesforce sync settings 🙂


Agree with the comments here, seems like a very beneficial feature.  


As an FYI, they best thing you can do here is make these fields read-only in Salesforce.  That should help lockdown these fields in all scenarios except for record merges.  


We know we all have plenty of duplicate leads/contacts in our system, so this is a big problem, but if you create a bucnh of datestamps for some of the system related HubSpot fields, and use a tool like Cloudingo to cleanup duplicate records, that can also help. 




Let us have this please