Need Enrollment Trigger to Apply to ALL Associated Deals

I need the option for the workflow enrollment triggers to apply to either "at least one deal" (as seen in the screenshot) OR "all associated deals (not currently available on Hubspot). 


This would be really helpful, as some of our customers place multiple orders at one time, but we do not want to move them to the next customer stage until they have completed a deal.


If they created multiple orders, but all of them are still in the "order created" deal stage, we want them to stay a "pending customer." As it is now, we cannot make sure that all of the orders are in the "order created" stage if there are multiple orders created. InkedCapture_LI.jpg

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YES! It is extremely frustrating that this is not currently available.


I want to be able to use workflows to automatically move a deal to the next stage when ALL the tasks associated with the deal have their statuses marked as completed.