Need Contact Lookup for custom contact properties (eg, contac lookup for a "referred by" property)

Hello! We moved from Salesforce to Hubspot and I'm surprised that we do not have the ability to lookup a contact to populate a customer contact property. There are many uses for this, but the main one we need is to track referrals from evanglists.


We use the "evangelist" lifecycle type to track investors, partners, and agencies who refer deals to us. It's awesome on the surface, but not useful without the ability to connect them to contacts and / or companies they refer.


In Salesforce, we had a custom contact property "Referred by" that was a lookup of contacts when creating a new lead / contact. The only "contact lookup" in Hubspot is to lookup "Hubspot Users". I would LOVE to have the ability to create a new contact and enter in the referrer as a contact lookup so it always keeps the right spelling, etc. Bonus if we could see that on their Hubspot profile.


This could also be used to track referrals from employees who may not be users of Hubspot (ie., a referral from a developer who could be rewarded for introducing us).


I'd be happy to demo this problem with a Product Manager. I think it would provide tremendous value for all companies that want do track referrals from customers, partners, and evanglists.

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