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Need 2 Products to Have the Same SKU

Our company offers the same products at multiple price points (ex: wholesale vs direct sale). We have diffierent folders to organize the products, so the sales reps can locate items quickly while creating quotes etc. Although the price is different, the product & SKU are the same. Ideally, we would like to have the same product, with the same SKU (in the SKU field), at different prices, throughout our product library. The issue right now is that HubSpot does not allow two products to have the same SKU. We currently use the description/title fields to show the SKU when it's already used, but this would be a useful update.

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I have the same challenge. Furthermore I wanted to translate our products into another language using the same SKU, but it was impossible. So an update in the functionalities would be really useful.


This is actually possible  I just created manually two products that have the same SKU.  In the descirption it may be key to distinguish it as the distributor SKU

When I created them manually then each one was given a different product ID



@KezzaM Can you share how you were able to add two products with the same SKU manually? When I try I encounter an error and it will not let me create the second product. 


Thank you!


I have meet the same challenge. I have a product with a SKU number but different dates. It look like I cannot create a product with different name or dates but the same SKU number, nor can edit the SKU in line items. Please let me know if you have any ideas. 


second this! we like to organise our products in folders so it's easy for different teams to find what they need, but the same product is often in multiple folders. we had to create new SKUs for the same product

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Hi Devs, please consider this as an update option.  


This would be great to have, same requirement here. 


We're in desperate need of this too!