Navigation for comments / emails / tasks / everywhere


Just a suggestion, but for those individuals who are keyboard oriented and just want to make a quick comment / email, task, etc.. would be very helpful if the first TAB after text entry would by design go to the 'Save' / 'Send' / 'Create' button. (next TAB could always be to the button options)


Saves having to go the mouse each time; or having to tab 10x times to get past the formatting option buttons; easily save 1s per email/comment/task,etc....  Take number of emails/tasks/comments/etc... created in HubSpot in 1yr (assuming 100k customers, with 10 users each and 100x emails / mo) and this would save say 1s per action... 38yrs of people having to go back/forth to mouse to save/send,etc..


Believe that is conservative; but you could literally be saving lives!