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I find it a bit annoying with my call que sometimes, i have a rather big database over 3k contacts and usually i have around 400 people in my callque.


I never get to finish this whole que in one day so when i startup my computer the next day it is right from the beginning again. Wouldnt it be able to add a simple "Jump to X number contact" to eliminate this problem?


It's quite annoying sitting there clicking for half an hour rather than just begin from where u left previous day.


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It would be incredibly helpful for there to be a function of the call queue to "start where you left off."  I am unable to log off of the server and be able to log back in and pick up where I left off on my call list while still using the auto dial feature.  Also, the ability to make multiple call lists/queue's would be a fantastic addition to this feature.

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It inconveniences me to have to start from the beggining of the call que each time. Especially, when I'm in the middle or half way through my que. Maybe if there was some counter to indicate where we are inside the que would be helpful.



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I totally agree that it would be great to have a 


"Start from here" option or


"Start from where you left of" function.