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Natively export contact activity history

There should really be a native way to export the contact activity history in bulk to a CSV or excel file similar to other Hubspot fields. This would be a great way to organized and filter the user history for personalized marketing emails and workflows.

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This is something I was hoping for as well. My "fix" for it for now was to create individual contact properties where I can record the date that the contact went from one deal stage to the next. It's fairly clunky and relies on a lot of rote data entry & relying on people to stay up to date with all of their information. If we could track this and have it listed rather than having the deal stages as a static report showing the current deal stage, that would be very helpful.

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@SupportTeamDSS @sgraci I've done some research on your request and it looks like this can be done using existing third party tools.


Bayard Bradford's HubSpot integration platform, pulls the Deal History data you need to create the reporting you are looking for.  The best way to automate this reporting would be to use our Power BI Connector for HubSpot app and build your report in Power BI.  The deal history data provides the length of time each deal has been in each pipeline stage. The bulk of the work to get this going would be to label, sort, and set up pipelines for all of your pipeline stages because of the how deal history data is structured in HubSpot. 


While there is some upfront work involved, the advantage of using the Power BI integration is that your reports will automatically update with current data each time you open and refresh them.  The time savings should be significant.


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Thank you John, thank you very much for taking the time to research and share this information. I will look into and see if it is something that would work for us.


I don't understand how this is actually not possible.

It is possible on Pipedrive for example.


I understand this is a way of keeping people sticky to the tool, but it would actually be quite helpful to be able to export any such activity data, and I don't see how this would be very difficult to set up ?


We tried it the developer way like explained here but it takes ages to create an export and is not feasible for non-devs.

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We would be interested in an export option as well.  We are trying to look at our Behavioral Events at a very granular level that is not available in the current reporting tools.  Enabling us to export the Behavioral Event data on the individual contact would enable us to gather the data we need.

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Seems like a no-brainer.  HubSpot should find a way to do an old HubSpot to New Hubspot export/import of all activity for contacts and companies.  Sometimes businesses change and you want to stick with Hubspot without going to another platform.  If you cant do this, you are starting from scratch and you might as well go with a new platform., i.e:


Hubspot if you are listening >>>> this feature can help customers stick with HubSpot.  

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That would be nice to have.


I agree. Besides, sometimes you need to explain to contacts they really did surf on our sites and they filled our forms out. Just right now, a customer is complaning about that, but actually they left us their information.