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Native "Selective" Blocking Feature - shield content from users

Hi HubSpot Community! 


I think it would be great if there were some kind of native module or form we could add to a webpage that blocks certain users from seeing specifically identified content. 


The use case I am thinking of would be for creating a calendar page with events the company is hosting for prospects, clients, internal events, etc. In this case, we wouldn't want prospects to see the client/ internal events and wouldn't want clients to see internal events, so having something that would easily block certain content from specific users would be extremely helpful in this situation! Also, rather than making three separate web pages and being uncertain if a prospect is accidentally sneaking into your internal training, this would provide an almost foolproof way to prevent that. 


I can also see this helping in several other situations as well, like if a user wants to read a specific blog post intended for clients only and beyond. 


Is anyone else looking for something like this?