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Native integration with AWS

I would like to integrate all my HS data into my datalake on AWS. 

Courrently, i'm limited to "backup" data there, and using it on another platform (looker), due to the API limits. 

At this momment, i'm only updating a few properties WHEN they are updated on my HS. 


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@Gpagotto Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider. Both require using apps in the HubSpot App Marketplace.


If your objective is to integrate your HubSpot CRM data into Looker, simply try the Looker Integration for HubSpot. Your HubSpot data is synced to an Azure datawarehouse and credentials are provided for you to connect it to Looker. 

The other option to consider is the MS SQL Server for HubSpot integration. The app pulls your HubSpot data into a SQL data warehouse via prebuilt API connectors. A SQL data warehouse in Azure is included in the cost. Once your HubSpot data is in the Azure SQL Server data warehouse, it automatically refreshes on a scheduled basis. You can connect the SQL data warehouse to your AWS data lake.


Hey @johnelmer !
Thanks for the reply !
I will take these to my team and see what we can do!

Many thanks ! 😄