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NPS analysis to Dashboard

I have a couple of NPS surveys set up in Hubspot and I am asked to provide analysis across the different NPS surveys to different teams. 


I am able to set up a Report which combines the NPS feedbacks received with filtering for certain Company or Contact property. What I would like to have is to have a visualization that calculates the NPS over time for the data that I filtered. This doesn't seem to be possible currently. This feature seems to exist already in the Customer feedback Analysis tab but I cannot add those graphs to any Dashboards for reporting purposes.

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I am experiencing exactly the same problem. The NPS reporting is very limited since each portal seems to have just one overall NPS for the whole portal that can be added to the Dashboard tool. 


I find this very weird since surely companies need to track NPS score per product, region, sales rep etc. Already getting the report from the Customer feedback analysis to a report would be a huge leap. But getting custom reports/properties about NPS score is definitely needed in order to track various NPS scores (which most companies track). Right now one can only create custom reports on the ratings (total, average, minimum), but this has nothing to do with the NPS score


This is a key functionality of sending NPS surveys.   Hubspot shouldn't promote their NPS offering if they can't combine all of the NPS scores into one company average.    Very disappointed in the lack of this feature.

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We have a similar challenge.


We want to calculate the average NPS rating by team member, but are unable to report on this.


Greater functionality around feedback surveys is required.


Agree on this. All our NPS responses need to be filtered by 'office'-property to define separate scores per office. Impossible (timing wise) to send out 75 separate NPS surveys every time.


HubSpot, this is a key functionality that is missing....


Just moving our surveys to Hubspot NPS and hitting the same family of problems.

The ability to create NPS reports are missing from the main reports dashboard and reporting tools.

The "help" available in the Feedback surveys > Analyze tab gives generic help for adding reports to dashboards, not specific to NPS.

There is an NPS report available in the reports dashboard (NOS over time) but this cannot be edited - so no additonal filters can be added.


I would like the ability aggregate multiple NPS survey results (multiple offices/languages etc.).

And the ability to filter NPS survey results (by misc properties like country, product, owner etc.)

-Could we get some idea if development of these NPS tools is even vaguely likely anytime?

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Yep - the inability to aggregate score across surverys is very limiting. As is any option to track trends over time etc as you woudl with other HubSpot properties


Yes this is needed to be able to analyze performance across multiple locations with us. Please add ASAP. 


Agree this functionality is sorely missing - We would like to be able to split out NPS scores by different customer groups and track on the reporting dashboard - Currently a very manual process. 


...and the ability to aggregate response rates from all NPS surveys. The "analyze" tab of individual Customer Loyalty (NPS) surveys is not enough. 


This is a must

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Bizarre the Hubspot would release NPS Score functinality that is so lacking in features... and two years later it is still lacking those same features. 


Adding my voice to this thread - I thought for sure I was missing something! But after reaching out to HubSpot Support and finding this thread, the fact that it isn't possible to create a report showing our sales team's individual NPS scores seems like a massive shortcoming. Are there any plans for HubSpot to add this reporting functionality to NPS and other surveys?


Please tell me there is an option for this, or that this is in the making?



Need to push the survey results to dashboards please !



We have several brands under one roof in Hubspot and although we do want a portal-wide NPS score, we also need the brand-specific NPS score that's on each "analysis" tab to be able to use on the custom dashboards which are emailable. (unlike analysis tabs - that would be another option - have those tabs/reports as schedulable).


It has been over two years since I requested this feature that would simplify the way we report NPS. I do wonder how hard can it be for Hubspot to make this happen.. To me it seems like the only thing that is missing is simple arithmetic function in the Dashboard that would calculate the NPS score based on filtered data. 


Same issue, kind of unbelievable we can't report on this type of thing when a service like Survey Monkey does easily.