NEW FEATURE - Tracking email opens for multiple recipients


NEW FEATURE - Tracking email opens for multiple recipients.  


Hubspot support team have advised that Hubspot is able to check status who (contact receipient) has opened email so long as only 1 recipient in email, which is limiting, especially many email communiications may have multiple email recipients.  



HubSpot allow tracking of emails and multiple recipients and open status.  



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Let's imagine you send one single email to 4 recipients. You get one of the 4 email addresses wrong. 

As a result of this "bounce", the email can no longer be tracked. 

So even as the other 3 recipients open it, click on hyperlinks et cetera, you will get no tracking information at all. 

Which is disappointing. 

Am I missing something? Has anyone in the community found a work-around?

Kind wishes

Timidus Collis


I would like to know if i send an email to 2 people it says 1 clicked but which one clicked?




Would like to know who opened up the email, so I know who to follow up with. Also when I get a Hubspot notification on my phone it shows someone opened up the email, even if it's just one recepient. Is there a way to get the person that opened it up? The email subject line may be the same for multiple emails.