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Multiple time zones / custom availability for Round Robin meetings


I'd like to request adding a custom availability for team members and multiple time zones support for round robin meetings.  

We have team members scattered across the world.  In ideal case we want clients being able to book a meeting with us 24/7 and have the meeting assigned to whichever team member is awake and available at chosen time.  

We had this option with Calendly and it worked really well.

I think in today's virtual world where borders no longer apply this is a must. 

Thank you 🙂

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Crazy this is not a function in 2022. Deal breaker for anyone using online meetings after COVID


Hi Hubspot product team, 

I second the above comments. We have a global sales team, and we would like the round-robin meeting link to respect the specific reps' timeszone, rather than the timezone of the organiser. As generally, the organising is not a sales rep themselves. In the meantime, our reps have blokced out their out-of-office hours and I have opened up the meeting link availabilty window to show both APAC and NorAM working hours. 
This would be really beneficial, especailly as we add more reps. 



Yes, this is a necessity for global teams!!


Desperately need the ability to set custom availability based on individuals timezones.


We have group meetings set with individuals from the UK, East and West Coast USA and at the moment we're having to block out their calendars for the hours they don't work


Seriously need this feature! We have reps in different time zones who meet virtually, and it's a huge pain to have to switch between meeting links.


I was very surprised to learn Hubspot didn't have this feature.  It is very important this be added.  It coudl be a simple as enabling each user to set office hours and pull from those and sync calendar apps.


This is a must-have for our team, which is growing and currently spans all but one timezone in the US. I'd hate to go back to calendly for this feature, but it's a pain to restructure everybody's personal calendar to fit the constraints of the round-robin meeting we're using. 


Shocked that this isn't already possible! This is such a basic feature, of course now we're going to have to buy another tool like Calendly to be able to do something so basic...


Just had one of our AE's move from the US to Europe and the team Round Robin link availability went bonkers after they updated their new time zone. It extended the team's availability to 4AM to 9PM EST, so our reps in the US started getting meetings being booked in at crazy hours. Unfortunately the "Working hours" settings in Google Calendar doesn't sync over to HubSpot, so after talking to HS support, the suggested action was to have reps create events to "block" out the times they don't want to be available for the RR meeting link to take it into account. They're not happy about that because now their calendars look cluttered with large blocked out events, but it fixed the issue at least in the short term. This is definately something that I also cannot believe hasn't been implemented, or, at the very least, have the blocked out working hours that were set inside Google Calendar or other apps sync over so that the RR links recognize reps are not available at those times, instead of havind to ask them to create large blocks of meetings over those "greyed out" times they had already set up. 


I'm learning today that the "round robin" meeting links aren't actualy proper round robin functionality. So disappointing.  It's 2022 and the world is virtual. Cheap calendar tools have this but Hubspot just named a meeting link Round Robin when it's not real round robin. Or it is but needs a big giant asterick next to it's name. 


Upvoted. We're sat across multiple timezones. Would like to use this to our advantage by offering contacts a greater range of times they can meet with us. Right now I'm blocking out calendars to facilitate. This **bleep** as it blocks out and confuses the calendar for times when we might want other meetings to take place



Unfortunately this is a dealbreaker for us.


Same here. For us it's not a dealbreaker as I found workaround but still.
Here is a usecase I shared with the support team I received confirmation it's not available yet:
Our use case:
We have 2 sales representatives working in different timezones. Let's name them Chris and Anny.

Our company works in the CET time zone so let's use it as a point of reference.
Chris's working hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CET
Annies working hours are 1 pm - 9:00 pm
It means they have a 4-hour overlap.
We don't want them to use their own links as we share those links in some Hubspot forms and in general other teams sometimes use the general link to share with a potential customer to contact sales (support team for instance).

Unfortunately "Availability window" in a meeting scheduler settings is maintained on a meeting link level. It means if we set availability hours on 9:00 am - 9:00 pm then Annie can be assigned even during 9:00 am -1:00 pm CET time which is Chris's working hours (Annie starts at 1:00 pm CET). It means customers can schedule a call with someone who is offline (Annie) ignoring Chris who is available at that moment (round-robin rule).
As a workaround, we asked our sales representatives to block their calendars when they are offline including after hours (it look terrible in google calendars and I generally if very bad experience managing calendar that way) - 1st screenshot.

The biggest problem is everyone needs to "block" online hours in their calendars creating a fake meeting in their free time - but it works 🙂 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 12.02.09.png
I know Calendly implemented a solution for that. If you create round robin meeting in Calendly you can still set availability hours on a sales rep level - screenshot  shows the round-robin meeting where you can see I can use Anna's calendar if I want to use her schedule (she sets her availability hours in Calendly 🤓 )

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 11.47.21.png

I don't want to use Calendly solution as I found a workaround plus I don't want to compromise other functionalities that I will not have If I move to Calendly solutions. Nevertheless, our sales team is growing and it starts being more and more frustrating to manage. Waiting for updates! 


Yes! I need this too and don't understand why it's not available in 2023! 


Agreed with all of you, functionality is a necessity for teams in different time zones.


100% Agree on this. As an Enterprise user, managing 150 meeting links just to manage the split on time zones is a pain for any updates and to include meetings on different time zones. We tried working with local time zones, which is fine if the individuals can manage their own calendars across DST changes but it's crazy we can't default to each individual's time zone. It's now 2023 and this idea has been called on by some serious users of HubSpot. Stop looking at the number of votes and look at the level of the users making the comments as we pay the most for the use of the system.


Agreed - we work across timezones and find this a missing piece of the puzzle.


Piling on, this is a must-have and seems relatively straightforward was you can just play off the availability that each sales rep has already associated with themselves in settings.


We definitely need this!!! 


How is this not fixed yet? Really frustrating for my clients that have reps in more than one timezone. Just commenting to echo everything everyone else has said. Please at least give us an update??? Is this on the roadmap?