Multiple field dependencies for dependent field.

It would be great for HS to add a feature for a dependent field in a form to be conditional to several fields being filled out instead of just one. That would give user's more options to make the forms tool more versatile/fit their needs.

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Yes, I can do this in Wordpress with Gravity forms, why can't HubSpot? This is should be a feature of any form service.

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HubSpot could really grow the power of Forms by letting people use multiple levels of depth with dependent fields to display the next question once someone has filled out the previous one. We have lengthy forms on our site (e.g. client questionnaires) and it would be great to reveal the next question or section of questions after they've filled out some of them. While a many-question form may appear overwhelming to a client at first, a cascading form would make for a much better experience.

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Facing the same situation with a form we are building. It would be helpful for better defining the lead.


Facing the same issue with a form on our site. Can't believe this functionality doesn't exist already!


Facing the same situation with a form we use on our site. Can't believe this isn't already included as functionatlity within HubSpot.

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I totally agree, I need this to set up the CRM for easier use for everyone, and so that everyone will work with the same terms. You would think, if they can build in the first step, they can make it dependent to multiple ones. 

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Trying to add a dependent field if someone enters a non-business email address into the email field. I want to add multiple conditions (yahoo/gmail/hotmail/etc) but can only add one of those. 

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Totally agree!


We'd also like for rich text areas to be dependent too, so if someone clicks a multiple choice option, for example, it can display a panel with further information.