Multiple email schedules based on X (e.g persona)

Let's say I am sending out a company update email to all my contacts, this includes several personas whom all act differently.


Persona 1 - Reads her emails at the end of the day when things are quiet

Persona 2 - Reads his emails as soon as he gets in, making ready for the day ahead

Persona 3 - Reads her emails during breaks from her main work


To get the best engagement from all these personas I would have to clone the email and make 3 copies which would be scheduled at the best times for them.


This would be a good thing to implement into the Send and Schedule tab of an email. To be able to create defined schedule times based on a contact property, such as a persona in my case. Take a look at my quick paint job for a rough example



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for reaching out @Hawk-Steve, and for the useful mockup! We've thought about a feature like this in the past, but our thoughts were around a slightly different solution. Our idea was to integrate the Send Later feature that exists inside HubSpot Sales Hub Professional/Enterpise into the Marketing Email product which would mean we'd identify the best send time for each recipient automatically, and constantly update it as we learned more about each recipient. We have a little more about that feature in the Sales Hub here:


Do you think that'd provide the same solution?

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Ooo, Shay that sounds way cooler than my idea, I didn't think the system would have been able to work on an individual basis. It would certainly do the job and reduce any manual work needed.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Sounds great! Appreciate the follow up, Steve. I'm going to close this specific idea post out as "Not Currently Planned" since we don't have any plans to enable this level of rule-specific custom send times within an email but as we get closer to the functionality I outlined above we'll definitely let you know Smiley Happy Thanks again!