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Multiple date formats on date property in personalization

Hi HubSpot,
Right now there is no way to change the date format on date properties in personalization on e-mails. The date property will always display in US format (mm/dd/yyyy). These dates can be very confusing and mislead europeans customers who are used to the dd/mm/yyyy format. Therefore, I am hoping that we get can get enough votes here and have the ability to choose multiple date formats on date properties in personalization on emails.


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May 21, 2020 07:51 AM

Hi @mpherr ,


Can you please send pictures of the where you are looking at these date formats so i know we are referencing the same screens. The following from your original post:


"in emails and logs"

And "in the dashboards"


Thank you,



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May 12, 2020 09:17 AM

Hi @khughes ,


Thank you for this idea, we are aware of this as a pain point and are reviewing how we can tackle this, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.




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Please, please, please consider developing this feature. 

We currently add date formats to many of our workflow emails and the date looks terrible in the middle of copy. It is also confusing as our base is global as to which date format we are using. Please consider this development and remove the confusion. I have attached an image of how it looks in our emails.


 Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.28.18 PM.png

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

This is an important feature, especially for marketing emails and the ability to spell out month e.g. Jan. This way, it would help remove any doubt on whether we are going for dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy

Thank you


Need this development as well. We operate in many markets globally and each region prefers its date in a specific format. One of our specific uses cases is informing customers whose licenses expired about the exact expiration date and their renewal options. EMEA customers are very confused by American-style date formats... We need to be able to display dates in different formats in email tokens, at the very least. Thank you!


We need to have the ability to select date format. 

Currently we are forced to select United States.

Doing world-wide business, we need/prefer to use the format of: yyyy/mm/dd


We should not be restricted to the option given.

Make Date format a drop-down list


Make number format a drop-down list by currency.


The above options are available in other CRMs.






In South Africa. Really need this. Has it been added since 2017?


This is super important for us as we have customers all over the world and the current format could cause serious confusion about campaign renewal dates.


Please add this!


Surely HubSpot has plenty of users whose clients are based in multiple regions that would appreciate the ability to use multiple date formats, not just the single account-level setting? Please add this to the planning list!


This is insane - You can select that you're in the UK and to use UK dates and formats, yet the minute you go to use a personalisation token it defaults back to the US.  Your customer base is worldwide and the majority use dd/mm/yy formats - You've catered for one and not the many!


Need this also. Very suprised it isn't available


We have the same issue as @khughes. Please put this on the roadmap. 


I can't believe this issue has been going round in circles since 2017. Given that the users of this platform are global and the US format is only used in a fraction of that customer base I would have expected this to be resolved by now. 


This is impacting my companies use of HubSpot. There is so much competition for HubSpot now that I would have thought date formating would be a basic requirement.

Can we have an ETA on this please.


Hi everyone,


I just started using Hubspot and am very surprised that this is not planned to implement yet. I was really hoping to be able to include dates within our emails but as we have an international subscriber base, this is not possible. Please priotize this


We absolutely need this. The ability to change account-wide settings to dd/mm/yyyy but not date properties is extremely confusing. Worst of all, it is ridiculous that an international company would not provide such a basic functionality. I'm looking at alternatives for my company


Hello All,


As per the other comments, we need to be able to change the default date format for sequences/workflows. If this could be prioritised that would be great!


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Surprised this is still not rolled out from HubSpot. Like all comments, we need this functionality as it's causing confusion among UK and European clients. You have my upvote!


Hi - has there been any upates to this? Seems like there's a lot of demand for this change


Adding a voice to this as well. A lot of your customers are operating globally and beign unable to format dates in marketign communication for local markets is kind of table stakes.


please add letter format, e.g. instead of 07/06/2023, to the 7th of June 2023


"Not currently planned" ? ... Come on...