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Multiple date formats on date property in personalization

Hi HubSpot,
Right now there is no way to change the date format on date properties in personalization on e-mails. The date property will always display in US format (mm/dd/yyyy). These dates can be very confusing and mislead europeans customers who are used to the dd/mm/yyyy format. Therefore, I am hoping that we get can get enough votes here and have the ability to choose multiple date formats on date properties in personalization on emails.


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 I agree with this idea! 

Currently, I have set the date format as Japan and display the date as "yy/mm/dd". 

If the date property has the value as 17 Jul 2017, it will display as 17/07/17 and this is confusing. 

It would be great if we have choice to display the date format as 2017/07/17. 




Is there a chance we can add a "Long Date" option for tokens? 

As what I sell are group events/ entertainment and not a product, I need to reference the day of the week in emails. 

Ideally, I would like to customize the "CLOSE DATE" token from the deal to display the date as Monday, August 28, 2017. 





I am having the same problem and would wish to have the avility to change from number format (01/30/18) to letter format (Jan 30,2018) to avoid confusion. 

Thank you!

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Yes I support this idea! Since we cater to international markets, having tokens reflect the correct date formatting in templates / sequences will help sales in saving time. Thanks.


It'd be great to also show the day (e.g. Monday) as well as the date!


Same needed. European customers get confused with mm-dd-yyyy format. We would love to be able to able to use a written format like "Dec 25th 2019" - to ensure no confusion is possible and no configuration is needed, regardless of the country.


Same here. Folks in Singapore are used to DD-MM-YYYY. The US style really throws them off. Would love to be able to get long form formatting as an option e.g. 6 January 2019 (Monday). Works for everyone!


I'm writing an email to remind our clients of the date of the workshop we're running. Long format would be really helpful for us. e.g. Wednesday 6th October 2019

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Great idea and an absolutely crucial feature for global companies.  Is there anyone from HubSpot here who can give us an update on this please? @khughes, do you have an update for the community? 🙂




I would at least expect to see the same date format, once set to DD/MM/YYYY under settings, appears all across Hubspot.
While I see it correctly in emails and logs, the date changes to the US format in the dashboards - weird


Agreed! Right now we have no control as to how the date token is diplayed in an email, it seems to be linked to one's system settings.

Would love to have more customization possibilities with this tool.


The current display is also very clinical and looks like a token date.


It's also frustrating to have the ability to create datetime custom properties, but the personalization tokens still only display as the date. We are sending event confirmation emails, and we will have to create an additional custom property to store the time as single-line text just for the purposes of being able to display it in emails.

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I need this as well



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Hi @khughes ,


Thank you for this idea, we are aware of this as a pain point and are reviewing how we can tackle this, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.






i do not agree. If you look at my earlier post, this to me doesn't look like a development but more like a bug. Why do you allow date format selection under settings if it's overwritten by US format in deals?

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Hi @mpherr ,


Can you please send pictures of the where you are looking at these date formats so i know we are referencing the same screens. The following from your original post:


"in emails and logs"

And "in the dashboards"


Thank you,




Hi @Shane_Janssens ,




We also have an issue with this. We use the datepicker to register birthdays from our contacts. The reason why we use the datepicker is because we want to send automatic emails to people under 18. And the datepicker seems to be the only way for us to filter people out in a workflow under 18 based without having to edit this every year manually. (We send automatic replies to people who are less then xx number of days old)


We notice that a lot of elderly people (50+) have trouble picking their right date of birth with the datepicker. And they don't recognize they have chosen the wrong date, because the date is alsno not shown in a way they know it. So this means they get the email they cant be added to our contactlist because they are younger than 18... So it would really help if this would be fixed. My settings are the same as in  mpherr's example.