Multiple contact owners per contact/email

We need the ability to be able to enter and have sales activities with a contact in HubSpot even if it exists in your HubSpot account already.


With having a larger sales team where the contact might interact with multiple salespeople, this becomes a problem when you can't enter the contact in HubSpot because another user already owns the contact, and limits the sales activities to outside of HubSpot.


Since each contact as it is entered is given a user ID, instead of basing it off the email, I hope this is something that can be changed to accommodate this change.

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Hi @mulrich, have you tried using the newer HubSpot property: HubSpot User? I work at a school and we have 4 HubSpot users, one for each team. Admissions Advisor, Enrollment Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor, Student Services Advisor. In my experience, each time I have the ability to assign something like a task or "from" in the marketing emails, there is a dropdown to allow me to choose which of the 4 owners I want to select. This way, each of your contacts can have multiple users or owners, and you have the same abilities as one contact owner.