Multiple companies per deal


Business deals often involve multiple companies.


How far away is Hubspot from allowing multiple companies to be assigned to deals?


For example, in the field of Architecture and Construction, there is a prospective client (a company) who wants a new building. Pursuing this project opportunity (a deal) involves forming a complete team, including an architect (a company) and many consultants (other companies). See what I mean?




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When dealing with architects, contractors and clients we have multiple companies needing to be associated to a deal. Very much need this functionality.

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When working in the construction sector we require multiple companies to be connected to each deal, this is for a multiple of reasons. Be awesome to sort this please, and basically an essential to ensure HubSpot is usable for any subcontractor working in the tender market.

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Should definetely have this option, when sending tenders out to multiple competing firms.

I would have thought this option would be freely available in this modern world already!

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100% need this ASAP!!

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Definitely need this. Hoping it will happen soon! 

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Any updates about developing this feature @hubspot ??

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What is the update on this feature? This is one of the feature delaying our plan to start using HubSpot CRM.

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Man, 264 upvotes, and yet this is still the "in planning" stage. These are small but crucial features which are blocking adoption of HubSpot in large enterprises. 

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This would be awesome! Our sales team is the last department in our company that uses Salesforce and they use it mostly just for creating Opportunities (they even use HubSpot Sales tools).  Many of our Opportunities include 10+ companies and making that many Deals for each sales discussion would be very time consuming. When this feature is ready, I think the HubSpot CRM & Deals will have just about everything we need to completely move over.


Obviously, taking into account the many comments, this feature is highly needed. Any update, Hubspot team?

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all,


This project has received the green light, and we're nearly ready to begin development. I'll update this post when it's ready for a beta group!

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@jeffvincent - how long can we expect the development to take please?

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I am on trial and told hubspot is the answer to my CRM dreams- Multiple customers for 1 deal is imperative [ in construction] the question appears to have been raised over many years so i fear i will have to look else where? its been driving me crazy looking at tutorials with no answers.  

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This is exciting for HubSpot Deals! Please also implement multiple ways to filter/report to avoid bloated Pipeline numbers.

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Looking forward to that feature!

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@jeffvincent really looking forward to this feature- it'll transform hubspot for us! 


Typically whats the roll out for this sort of thing? a few weeks? a few years?