Multiple companies per deal


Business deals often involve multiple companies.


How far away is Hubspot from allowing multiple companies to be assigned to deals?


For example, in the field of Architecture and Construction, there is a prospective client (a company) who wants a new building. Pursuing this project opportunity (a deal) involves forming a complete team, including an architect (a company) and many consultants (other companies). See what I mean?




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Likewise - any update on this feature?

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Definitely needed for the Playground industry as well. Dealing with multiple landscape architects and contractors, keeping everything within the same deal is imperative. HubSpot, please make it a thing!!

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In the offshore drilling market this a critical feature, as we look at locations (deals) where there is multiple rigs (children company) that are tendering for it. 

We want to be able to associate the different rigs with the locations.


Is there any updates on this, will this be a feature in the future? And if so, is there a timeline?

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This would be extremely useful for us too. When clients book for trips with various tour operators, we do not have a way at the moment to associate the deal with the various operators. Thanks!

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Please we need this ASAP

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This is something GreenSlate needs as well.  There are many parties involved in the production world.  Please advise if this is something HubSpot is looking into.  It would be extremely helpful.  Thank you!

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We need this functionality, too. This is an industry standard feature, and yet, 2 years on, HubSpot's CRM doesn't allow it. 

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Second this thought.  We are a PR agency and both our client (the brand) and the media outlets are companies associated with one media pitch.

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Couldn't agree more. Industrial projects often involve several (downstream) companies in one deal.

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This would be really useful for us too as we often deal with private equity/parent companies as well as their child companies on deals.

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Please Hubspot! Please! We really need this feature ASAP.



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Need this, I know its possible in the API but as someone working with Disti's, resellers and end customers we need to report back to all entities with their pipelines. having one company ties our hands.



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We have partnerships where we attribute to deal to their company record but there is also a need to understand the company we deliver the work for.


In the same way we can create new property labels with users as a drop-down, being able to create new fields with company associations would be incredibly useful and powerful



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This is also very challenging for companies with a channel sales or reseller model. Our deals are with our channel partners but we have end-user companies in our instances too that we want to be able to indicate are part of the deal.

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Hi Hubspot, 


Same here. I'm working in events business, and most of the time one event (Olympic Games for example) have different companie's organizer. 

Would be great to add different company for one opportunity. 


Thank you