Multiple companies per deal


Business deals often involve multiple companies.


How far away is Hubspot from allowing multiple companies to be assigned to deals?


For example, in the field of Architecture and Construction, there is a prospective client (a company) who wants a new building. Pursuing this project opportunity (a deal) involves forming a complete team, including an architect (a company) and many consultants (other companies). See what I mean?




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This has been a featured requested by a few of our clients, and is particularly relevant in the property industry (as stated above) - would be a great addition to the CRM.

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This would be really useful for me. We deal internationally and will often have non-exclusive distributors in different markets. This means there is often a lot of communication overlap between end-users and the distributors and therefore it would be useful if i can associate multiple companies to a single deal,


In other words; there is only one deal but several players involved. 

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Same as above. We work with resellers, partners and also deals which are global/international. This way we could easier keep track on what we've sold to which part of the organisation. 

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Same as above :

we sell a product to a company (or even multiple at once) but it could be implemented by a different company and discussed at the same time / meetings.

So i would love to be able to add like 5 different companies (and multiple people from each) on the deal and events.

Over time i could start with company A, then get involved with B, then get involved with A+B, then just B, then just A, then A+B again, then the deal is closed.

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Yes, we're in the same situation. HubSpot please make this happen, it's a necessity for businesses that work with a design team of different companies.

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Yes, I work in the construction industry as well. Usually, the Architects act as Influencers, and the General Contractors are the, it would be great to categorize company contacts and add multiple companies to Deal records. In addition, we often give out a number to multiple General Contractors.

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Working in B2B software company and we would also need this.

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We need this feature also very urgent. No idea why it's not self-evident.

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 HUGELY needed... every deal a construction related business involves multiple companies. Yes, there's a primary company, but there's also other players involved... customer that gets the product, distributor that sells it, the contractor that installs in, the architect that specifies the product on the project... this needs to be added as it gives valuable information to my team for planning and marketing to customers. Almost a reason to want to migrate over to SalesForce.

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It's hard to believe that this functionality isn't a part of Hubspot at this point - it's critical for multiple reasons.


Working for a client that gets paid by the referral for different verticals and we need to be able to associate multiple companies with one deal both for ease of use by customer service representatives, reporting power and workflow simplicity.


Any idea on when this could go live?

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We just signed on with Hubspot and this is among the first roadblocks we have encountered. Our company collaborates with construction management and engineering firms on almost every project.  We need to be able to associate more than one company per deal.

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This is a important feature for us as well. Need to make this happen to move forward 

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This would be an very helpful feature for us. Still more useful would be to have a type of variable that takes the data type <company>. Being able to have a deal feild called "Architect" that references all comampanies in hubspot and allows me to pick. Same for "GC". "Project Manager", ect.

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We would also want this. We strike contracts with multiple companies.

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In the field of consultancies its the same. More than one Company (cutomer and partner) are often involved.

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This is a feature we would like to see. An example for us that we've just gone through is a project that was released by a local Municipality who released an architect lead project. We have been approached by 5 separate teams to provide our services to.   They all get the same proposal from us so there is no reason for us to create multiple deals but without the ability to add multiple companies to the deal, this is what we had to do.


Beyond this, we engage other companies to help build our proposal, again all we can do is add individuals to the deal, not their companies. This is quite frustrating.

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Two years plus and 40 upvotes... what will it take to activate this?

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I would like this as well. We often have one agreement with a parent company that can have multiple child companies underneath. I would love to associate a deal with all the relevant companies so as not to skew my deal count.

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We need this along with mutliple companies per contact

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Is there any update on if/when this feature will be available? This is critical to our business.