Multiple Service Support Forms

Today there is only one support form available in Service hub. We need the possibility to add more than the default support form currently available. This is a "must have" for us as we cannot cover all aspects of our businness in one support form. 


Any ideas on when multiple forms will be available?

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Agree with Andreas!
Either move the support form into regular forms or allow us to have multiple support forms. 

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Totally agree.

In Enterprise you can have multiple inboxes, so would expect we could have multiple support forms that could feed into each of the different inboxes.

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More exasperating is that there's a "clone form" option - but it's unclear where the clones go. 

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+ 1 to this one! We are a client from Spain but we offer our services internationally and have clients need support in various languages. (At the very least Spanish and English).


Why there is no possibility to switch languages for support forms when the rest of the forms have that is beyond me tbh.

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Necessary feature.

To come here and also realize it's not available in multiple languages.

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We also need different support forms for different parts of our services. Upvoted.

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Need multiple support forms and the ability to put them into different pipelines with multiple dependency trees. The support form in use now does not meet most customer needs. 

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Need multiple support forms and the ability to put them into different pipelines. The support form currently available is too limited. 

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I agree this would be very useful, as I have a website in two languages, and would need 2 support forms to address this.

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I need at least more 3 services forms and I really do not want to create a bunch of proprieties for contacts Smiley Sad