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Multiple Resubscribe Emails

Hubspot has an option that sends users an email when they resubscribe to a newsletter. However, this does not work if you have multiple brands in hubspot with different domains/locations. 


We need a unique re-subscribe email per brand, otherwise, a user has the experience of: I clicked 'resubscribe' on the "ABC brand" website, but then I got an email from "XYZ brand" asking me to re-subscribe.

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This is a major issue that we are also running into. The issue goes beyond just the resubscription email sent to a contact that does not match the resubscription preference group, and let me explain below :


We have multiple preference groups (A,B,C,D...) under the same brand domain (Brand 1) and we deal with contacts in multiple languages. 


This has an impact on us setting up our resubscription email, as we can only choose one preference group at a time. Whereas, the resubscription link that is sent by HubSpot's technical team, it has all of the subscription types found within each of our preference groups.


The biggest and unacceptable issue from this resubscription process (HubSpot's technical team resubscription link), is that as soon as they opt-out of all the subscription types under one preference group, they will automatically be opted-out of all the brand domain, and not just that specific subscription type.


Ex. The preference group A is under the brand domain - Brand 1, along with a few other preference groups (ex A,B,C,D). The preference group A has only 1 subscription type (a). Therefore, if HubSpot sends the resubscription link with all the subscription types (under multiple preference groups), the contact decides they do not want to opt-in to this subscription type (Preference group A , Brand 1, Subscription type a), but wishes to receive everything else under preference groups B,C,D under the brand domain 1. 


In doing so, the contact will automatically be unsubscribed/not receive any emails sent from any preference group that is found under the same brand domain (in our example brand domain 1). Even though they have opted-in to all of the other subscription types found in the resubscription link. Consequently, when a contact decides to opt-out of all the subscription types under one preference group, these contacts will no longer receive any email under the brand domain. Therefore, the contact will never receive emails from preference groups B,C,D, even though they have opted-in.


I'd be interested to see what can be done to prevent this, and be able to setup a resubscription process without having to run into these technical issues. As you may understand, it is difficult to explain to our marketing teams that even though contacts have opted-in to receive marketing emails from a subscription type, and we are trying to send you an email from that subscription type, that you haven't received it.


If anyone has a solution for this, I am all ears, as I would like to be able to send them the appropriate link and make sure they receive their emails according to their opt-in/opt-out status without any regards to the brand domain.