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Multiple Phone Numbers- Similar to the Email function

Who: Sales, Marketing and Client Success Teams

Goal: Organizing data without creating multiple contact objects that will crowd the left-hand column of the contacts page.

Value: Cleaner display of data and the ability to store more data without compromising on what is important.


Description: Currently, our B2B Sales team deals with several point-of-contacts on the executive and chief-executive level. Naturally, there are layers of communications to get to connect with the prospect. Each prospect will either have a dedicated cell line, work line, fax line and office line with extensions.


Can we add the same UI and functionality like how emails are stored and collected in the Contacts view, but for phone numbers?


Currently, we add each respective contact info in new objects, labeled, Fax, Mobile, Phone, and Office. Creating a noisy environment for the data to live in.


Having everything properly siloed and stored away with tags to differentiate makes that data cleaner to digest and reduces confusion.


Screenshot attached:

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 11.52.40 AM.png

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I agree! this would be very useful for many ! I am facing the same issue. 

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Agree, whilst have 2 numbers can work, if you use the "company number" as the main switchboard number, having more options is important for roles where people move around a business 


This would be huge for our company - would love to see the ability to have multiple phone numbers listed under one property rather than using the mobile property vs the regular phone number property.