Multiple Knowledge Bases


The ability to create more than one Knowledgebase. Similar to having multiple conversation inboxes or ticket pipelines.

  • This allows for knowledgebase segmentation.
    • Could be for Internal Vs External or Client Vs Prospect (Sales Vs Support)


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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Oct 29, 2020

Hi everybody, 


This project is currently on hold and not yet in development, so I'm updating the status to "not currently planned" so you all have a better idea of what to expect. I'm sorry, I know this will be disappointing news 😞


It's unclear when we'll be able to continue working on this project, but it remains one of the most highly requested features for the knowledge base, so I assure you it will be considered in future plans. 


Your upvotes and comments with examples of how this would help you continue to be helpful, please keep submitting that feedback. This post will be updated again when there's more information to share. 


- Snaedis 

Apr 20, 2020

Hey just to give an update on this:


Multiple languages for Knowledge Base will be made available this quarter (Q2 2020).


I expect Multiple Knowledge Bases to be available in the second half of this year.

Status updated to: In Planning
Aug 27, 2019

Both multi-language and multiple knowledge bases are two features that are on our roadmap. We plan to have these features in place early next year.

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Is there anything new? Our customer owns 2 brand domains and especially there it must be possible to use several knowledge bases?
In many cases, brand domains are money burned... unfortunately.


This would help our enterprise portal, as we are running sites for multiple brands in different service areas. 
At present we have to look elsewhere for a solution.  


Agree with most of the comments here - we have two separate brands and its consistently frustrating that even though we have an enterprise account, that one brand has to taken priority over the other. We desperately need two Knowledge bases to support our increasing customer bases. At the moment, we can only operate one Knowledge Base and, as such are deploying another solution - chances are we will move away from HubSpot if this isn't eventually better managed.


Totally agree since we have 10 brands and in different languages

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Any news on this project  "multiple kn bases" ? Still

We have 2 clients (both entreprise) waiting for it 😞




Seems crazy that this still hasn't been made available given it was planned two years ago. We operate multiple brands which are entirely unrelated and the solution provided by Hubspot was simply to use categories to separate the content. This doesn't solve the issue that when someone uses search they'll get irrelevant search results. A very poor user experience in my opinion.


This has definitely got my vote. And I hope Hubspot sorts this soon!


We need this asap! Any news on this? 

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We also would like this functionality ASAP.  One for customers, one public, one for internal, etc...  OR at very least, the ability to create custom templates so that we can make it appear as though they are separate without listing the full directory for everyone regardless of what main level they enter. (If that makes sense).


Is there a possibility to use different KB's with different Domains? That's what someone suggested yesterday at the GROW Europe Event. Does someone have experience with this? 


You can, but a different domain would mean a separate Hubspot account as far as I can tell.



When (if) this comes, it's important that articles can be shared and/or copied between the various knowledge bases easily, rather than having to Copy/Paste them and then remember to update on every instance when they're edited. 



Nous avons besoin d'avoir plusieurs base de connaissance pour couvrir l'ensemble des fonctionnalités de notre produit. 

Cette fonctionnalité est primordiale et j'espère qu'elle sera prise en compte 🙂


We are using Hubspot with 5 Brand Domains. We are realy missing the posibility to make a knowledge base per brand domain!!
Please add this!

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This should definitely be moved to a higher priority in the update queue given a. how many people have been requesting it, and b. the fact that your competitors allow this functionality natively. Our client has multiple Whitelabel partnerships and they need to be able to have a separate knowledge base for each partner that is branded for that partner. One other note that would be incredibly critical for this particular use case is the ability to publish updates to one knowledge base and push it to the other white-labeled knowledge base pages.


I know this is not currently planned, but this would be vary useful for folks trying to segment their KBs by different user bases accessing their site. Even if we could give specific permission based on the who the users are within the CRM, this could help us define who sees which article and display curated content for each, therefore assisting with inbound programs and creating evangelists. 


Just adding another voice - this is essential and it is hugely frustrating for us. It is the only piece of the Service Hub we use so we may end up dropping it- especially because the lack of analytics about which users are accessing what content is very limted, meaning there is actually limited benefit to us using HubSpot vs a standalone solution.  

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Is there any workaround for this right now? i.e creating landing pages with search functionality?


We have 2 domains in our account, each one requires a different KB b/c they are different solutions.