Multiple Knowledge Bases


The ability to create more than one Knowledgebase. Similar to having multiple conversation inboxes or ticket pipelines.

  • This allows for knowledgebase segmentation.
    • Could be for Internal Vs External or Client Vs Prospect (Sales Vs Support)


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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Oct 29, 2020

Hi everybody, 


This project is currently on hold and not yet in development, so I'm updating the status to "not currently planned" so you all have a better idea of what to expect. I'm sorry, I know this will be disappointing news 😞


It's unclear when we'll be able to continue working on this project, but it remains one of the most highly requested features for the knowledge base, so I assure you it will be considered in future plans. 


Your upvotes and comments with examples of how this would help you continue to be helpful, please keep submitting that feedback. This post will be updated again when there's more information to share. 


- Snaedis 

Apr 20, 2020

Hey just to give an update on this:


Multiple languages for Knowledge Base will be made available this quarter (Q2 2020).


I expect Multiple Knowledge Bases to be available in the second half of this year.

Status updated to: In Planning
Aug 27, 2019

Both multi-language and multiple knowledge bases are two features that are on our roadmap. We plan to have these features in place early next year.

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There is multiple blogs, multiple deal pipelines, multiple inboxes, multiple support ticket pipelines, there should be multiple knowledge bases.


We too require this functionality.  Upvoted!

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Posting on behalf of a customer who was looking for a similar feature. 


Use-case: they have confidential clients and do not want users from accessing articles meant for that client's users, was looking for a way to set up a seperate KB for those users. 


We would also like to vote for this idea! Not only do we have confidential information that would be great not to share with all our clients and the public in general, but we also have clients all over the world meaning that being able to have a seperate KB for each language would be ideal.


Dropping a plus one on this. 

We have various clients that require specific instructions that are tailored to their business and how our software integrates in their ecosystem.


We also need a platform to maintain our internal support SOPs etc.


Being able to have multiple sub-domains on the knowledge base would be ideal, and to be able to make articles visible in multiple knowledge bases, so we only have to write articles once and can appear in multiple directories.


Hey There - I am bumped to see how long this thread has been going with regular contribution yet no viable solution. For both multiple products and languages, this is an absolute must have.

Sincerely hoping this can happen in the near future!

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Both multi-language and multiple knowledge bases are two features that are on our roadmap. We plan to have these features in place early next year.


This is really important - we must have two knowledge bases one for our customers and one for our internal vendors. Please help make this happen.


It is very important for us to have separate knowledge bases because we have multiple products in the same company. 


Hello, something new with this functionality?


We would love an internal Knowledge-base, we want to add to the Hubspot training all the internal processes of using Hubspot and others - this has my vote using an external tool is annoying as we want to get our colleagues to use Hubspot as much as possible


Much needed. I see it's in planning, could you please indicate a date for this? Thank you.

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Yes, we need this feature for multiple or multilingual knowledge bases


"In Planning" since August? @goconnor hinted release "early next year", which is now. At least "In Beta" would be progress Smiley Happy


@JWharton since August, the product team contacted a few of us to get some feedbacks about the wireframes and navigation flows they designed so, hopefully, it should be live soon Smiley Wink


This would be an extremly useful feature for us. We have different product offerings, and therefore having different independent knowledge bases would be ideal!

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This feature would also be very useful for us. We work with both suppliers and independent retailers and we would like to have separate knowledge bases and different root domains for each. We would also like the option to be able to independently set each knowledge base to be private or not


I can´t beleive this feature isn´t available. We will have to use another provider. 


We urgently need this feature for our multi-language website. Is there any possibility to become a beta testing account?



We need this to.

We have all specific target audiences and we want to divide them in the knowledge base. + multi-language



The recent addition of signing in to see some articles has satisfied our Immediate Need. We now "hide" some articles for our Internal Staff to access if they are logged in. The rest are available to the public as our Gizmo Guides™ -


I do wish we could have a root domain for our Knowledge Base Articles. We'd prefer as a root for all of our public articles.