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Multiple Knowledge Bases

The ability to create more than one Knowledgebase. Similar to having multiple conversation inboxes or ticket pipelines.

  • This allows for knowledgebase segmentation.
    • Could be for Internal Vs External or Client Vs Prospect (Sales Vs Support)


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This would be such a benefit to our Company and totally support this idea. 


We have multiple brands/services, so the ability to have multiple knowledge bases (vs. only the ability to create a category/sub-category) that is dedicated to each business area would make the end user experience much more relevant.


It would be helpful for many companies.


Tribepad would be keen for this to be an option.   We have different areas of our software and the current inability to change the styling of the knowledge base means the user experience isn't very good.


This would be an excellent feature. We need to have articles that can only be accessed by our support team internally and then articles that can be accessed by our customers.


We have tried going the route of using separate lists to manage visibility; however, any articles that are published to the knowledgebase can be searched by any user even if they do not have access to the list. This means that customers could see some detail about internal documents.


For now, we have had to unpublish our internal articles which makes the knowledgebase less useful to my team internally. I added a HubSpot idea to address the issue of hiding articles that a user doesn't have access to from the knowledgebase search engine


Yes that would be very useful, an enterprise client is waiting for that. We really need specific content for different target groups.


Having separate internal and customer-facing knowledge bases would be very useful for us.


This would be something crucial for our business as we have 2 separete help centers, one for B2C and one for B2B and obviously would be great if we could keep these 2 separate especially if we want to automate and use the chat bot functionalities. 


We use Hubspot as a company with different kind of products. Because of the many differences between these products, it would be great to have more than one knowledgebase at a time. This could really help us, to build different KBs for all our differenz products, without spamming users with knowledge base entries, they don't need to know.




The ability to have more than one knowledge base, is heavily missed. Right now, it seems we only have one option, and that is to look elswhere to have some of our knowledge bases. Since we will always have some that does not concern other users.


As the idea writes, it could be internal vs. external, and since right now there is only the ability to make articles private, and not also categories - then it just don't work as intended.


We strongly urge you, to put this on the roadmap.


This would be very helpful!
We have the same issue: Sales vs Support
Hopefully, this will be in the road map soon.


I give to give a really big +1 to this request. Not only do we need this for sales vs support but our larger issue is we support different products and they are not related to each other. So in order to use this feature, we need to have different ones for each product. The experience would be confusing for partners if they had to search through the various products.


Hopefully, it can be addressed soon!


Yes, this is especially useful. Hope someone can plan for this.


We really need this! It will be great to be able to have a knowledge base for External vs Internal, as well as a separate knowledge base for different brands. 

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Any updates? 


This would be such a great feature for our company! Do we have a timeline when this would be done? 

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My client also is in need of this functionality. In the meantime, we are going to have some templates developed to allow the "2nd layer" to essentially mirror the knowledge base home page so that we can use one knowledge base, but create 2 separate areas that look like 2 different high level categories. 


At WakeupData we really need this features as we are adding an extra product to our saas - which means users will need a different set of articles when using the new product. 

Actually some of our articles will cover both products so a way to search only categories or use tags would be beneficial.

Like this suggestion


Hopefully, you guys can support it soon!


This is a great idea and badly needed. Really hoping HUbspot listen to this forum as it is so highly requested.