Multiple Knowledge Bases


The ability to create more than one Knowledgebase. Similar to having multiple conversation inboxes or ticket pipelines.

  • This allows for knowledgebase segmentation.
    • Could be for Internal Vs External or Client Vs Prospect (Sales Vs Support)


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Hi @gal123 I agree that this could be a great addition to the Service Hub functionality. For the moment it is only possible to have one knowledge base. It has been suggested before by other users and our team is already working on a solution. I recommend upvoting the following post connected to this same topic.

Hope this clarifies for now. Thanks

After just upgrading to CMS ENterprise and the Service Hub pro on top of our long-term Sales and Marketing Pro accounts realizing we can't have a secondary Knowledge Base was a big bummer and rare misstep from Hubspot.


Our main company is B2B but our child company is B2C and we can not afford any crossover whatsoever between the two brands. Having the option/ability to have a separate Knowledge Base with our secondary domain really needs to happen ASAP!


Multi KB with different subdomains would be very helpful!



Hello, two years have passed since you plan to provide Multiple KB. We haven't seen it yet. You can finally give us all a real launch date. Every week you add irrelevant functionalities to Hubspot, but the necessary functions are unavailable. Are you waiting for us to move to another CRM?


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Agree with @brunamartins  idea. That would solve for our current issues as well. Been delaying launching this internally and for some clients due to these issues. Is there a private beta maybe? 

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We absolutely need this! My company has B2B and B2C customers and we do not want our B2C customers seeing our B2B FAQ.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everybody, 


This project is currently on hold and not yet in development, so I'm updating the status to "not currently planned" so you all have a better idea of what to expect. I'm sorry, I know this will be disappointing news 😞


It's unclear when we'll be able to continue working on this project, but it remains one of the most highly requested features for the knowledge base, so I assure you it will be considered in future plans. 


Your upvotes and comments with examples of how this would help you continue to be helpful, please keep submitting that feedback. This post will be updated again when there's more information to share. 


- Snaedis 

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This would be especially helpful when you want to have a private and non-private knowledge base. 


This is a feature that would be very valuable to us. 


I've recently moved over from Zendesk to Hubspot and I am really missing having an internal knowledge base for my support team.  At the moment we're having to create a SharePoint site to hold it 😞  It's a little tricky to say the least.  During our sales convos, we were actually told that it was already possible to have an internal knowledge base 😕 


Yes, this is much needed. One for internal and one for external. 


We really need this feature.


We have three distinct customer types and each of them have different needs. We need to be able to offer three distinct knowledge bases. 


I would really like to see this feature added so I can setup 1 knowledge base for customers and 1 for support staff, instead I'm having to look at Confluence for our support staff knowledge base which makes things a bit messy. Ideally would like to keep everything in 1 place in Hubspot.


Three different audiences with three different inter-related products. We also need this.

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I realize this feature has been changed to "Not Currently Planned" but just today we had one of our clients tell us today they want us to build a separate knowledge base for each of their clients in HubSpot.

Ok, so now I need to figure out if I can figure out a way to do this.


My company needs this as well. 

We have multiple SaaS products with a different type of client base, and technical specifications, making it important to have multiple knowledge bases. I am currently develping the knowledge base for one of our brands and the lack of feature in HS is forcing us to spend money on an additional service. 


I think it is clear that so many of us would like this feature, what will it take for Hubspot to actually implement this? seems a missed opportunity cost for everyone...

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My company would love to have this functionality. We are a B2B2C company and would be great to have different Knowledge Bases for different audiences.





This would be hugely helpful to my B2B company. At the moment we are faced with looking at a further provider 


Being able to set up multiple Knowledge Bases would be so useful for our B2B Company.  Please Hubspot, deliver on this, please.  Rachel