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Multiple Form Selections for Submission Enrollment Trigger

Similar to some other ideas submitted, I would love the option to select multiple forms and use their submission as an enrollment trigger in a singular workflow WITHOUT the need to create a multitude of -OR- logic steps. 


We have many forms that essentially all ask the same thing so it would be great to have 1 workflow for all "demo request" forms and have them use the same flow steps without having to individually select each form on the enrollment trigger.


I understand that the specific page functionality of a form submission probably wouldn't be able to be used and I would be happy as a clam to say "20 forms submitted on Any page" vs "1 form submitted on any page -OR- 1 form submitted on any page -OR 1 form submitted on any page -OR- etc..."


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I completely agree. As our company grows, our need to create new forms also grows and it becomes difficult to manage all of these forms.

It would be great if there is a way to select all forms that contain certain language together when enrolling them or excluding them from workflows, so that when new forms are created with the same wording, the workflows do not need to be updated.


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I agree 100%. This can bring immense value to HubSpot