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Can you please make it so I can switch my signatures when i email from hubspot? I need to tailor it to fit the different types of people I speak with. That would be very helpful! Thank you! 

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February 26, 2024 03:24 PM

Hi everyone! I am updating this idea to Being Reviewed as we consider if we'll be able to deliver it this year.

March 22, 2021 09:04 AM

Hi @NCO! The Ideas Forum Users Guide does a great job addressing this and other questions so I'll quote it here:

How long does it take for my Idea to get built?

It entirely depends on the traction your Idea receives from other users and the feasibility of the feature request. While the general rule is that the more popular a thread, the more likely it is to receive consideration from our Product team, this is not a certainty. An Idea may receive a high amount of upvotes, but if the feature isn’t able to be produced due to a technical, ethical, or legal reason, no amount of upvotes will be able to change that. That being said, sometimes our Product team finds a unique Idea with only a handful of upvotes and decides to move it into development. 

To answer your question directly: no, there is no necessary threshold this idea needs to reach for us to realize the value it would have. Simply put, there are too many other competing priorities, not just user requests, to allow us to prioritize this in the next few months. I'll be back with an update if and when that changes!

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March 19, 2021 04:47 PM

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

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Hi @REssenburg,


If this is for marketing emails there is a way to do this combining smart content and personalisation fields on the contact record.

We have a similar approach where some of our marketing emails have the signature of their sales consultant (contact owner). We created lists based on contact owner and then created a smart content block for each signature. All blocks are added to the email and then the correct one based on list membership is shown to the contact on send.

So in your example, if you created a "local office" field on each contact record you could create a contact list based on local offices and use that to trigger the smart content block. You could look to set up a workflow assigning a local office based on another field such as state (depending on how your business operates) meaning it will be automatically generated for when you come to send marketing emails.

The Hubspot footer will remain static on all marketing emails but as a work around it allows you to create more personalised emails to send as marketing emails.



Hope this helps,



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Yes, would be a cool feature to have! Just had a client ask about this as well.


Hello everyone,
Good news - we have solved this problem with CodeTwo (


I have 3 different email addresses (all in one M365 tenant) and with CodeTwo the signature can be set client-side (Outlook or Outlook Web) or server-side.


We use server-side with the hashtag #signature and my email address is set as sender on 3 signature rules and the hashtag triggers the signature.


My signature setting in Hubspot is just #signature.


The configuration CodeTwo and M365 is a bit more complex, but very good and you can control your signatures centrally in the future.


Have fun with it!






Hello! I work in a business setting in which speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I use personal emailing to clients through HubSpot. It would be great to be able to choose between signatures on the language the email is written. Nowadays businesses that work internationally NEED this, and hope you would consider adding it as a feature. Thanks! MLeiss


Agree Agree Agree. This would make my job so much easier and help me to personalize my relationships with clients in a more fruitful way for both of us.


If anyone is still following this, I would suggest up-voting this:


Yes, it would be great to be able to manage multiple email signatures and choose the one you want when drafting the email. Depending on the types of clients, their sectors of activity, and the products or offers we want to highlight.


Cette fonctionnalité serait vraiment appréciée.

Agree with all of you

Keep me posted - it would be very useful to be able to have more than one email signature and that it would work just as outlook does - that is if you change to your other email then the signature changes automatically.


My company is in Fintech and we need to vary the disclosure in our email signature based on the type of email we're sending


So we definitely need this


agree 1100% over. Yes please, I send emails on behalf of our CGO in a special email account for us


It would be great to have multiple email signatures. It is really important for a multilanguage support. 

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Are there any updates on this idea? In connection with business units, it is very necessary...

Agreed, crucial for Business Units.

Despirately needed!


This is really dissapointing that this issue still hasn't been addressed. How can you offer a service like business units and not offer customers the ability to manage these units within their sales team by interchanging emails and signatures. It's a very half designed idea and misleading when you offer the ability to manage 'multiple brands'


I still think this is VERY important and should be implemented.


Our organization uses Microsoft Outlook for email. Our users have connected their inboxes to HubSpot. Users sometimes rotate between multiple signatures in outlook depending on different audiences.


Users would like the option for HubSpot to identify the multiple signature options in Outlook and give them the option to choose whichever option is most appropriate when sending an email from HubSpot and/or from a sequence in HubSpot


It is apparent that the implementation of this vital task should have been executed numerous years ago. Its significance cannot be overstated, and it is imperative that we prioritize its completion as soon as possible.

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Hi everyone! I am updating this idea to Being Reviewed as we consider if we'll be able to deliver it this year.