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Can you please make it so I can switch my signatures when i email from hubspot? I need to tailor it to fit the different types of people I speak with. That would be very helpful! Thank you! 

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March 22, 2021 09:04 AM

Hi @NCO! The Ideas Forum Users Guide does a great job addressing this and other questions so I'll quote it here:

How long does it take for my Idea to get built?

It entirely depends on the traction your Idea receives from other users and the feasibility of the feature request. While the general rule is that the more popular a thread, the more likely it is to receive consideration from our Product team, this is not a certainty. An Idea may receive a high amount of upvotes, but if the feature isn’t able to be produced due to a technical, ethical, or legal reason, no amount of upvotes will be able to change that. That being said, sometimes our Product team finds a unique Idea with only a handful of upvotes and decides to move it into development. 

To answer your question directly: no, there is no necessary threshold this idea needs to reach for us to realize the value it would have. Simply put, there are too many other competing priorities, not just user requests, to allow us to prioritize this in the next few months. I'll be back with an update if and when that changes!

Not Currently Planned
March 19, 2021 04:47 PM

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

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OK, I also think it's abou time this happened!

As you can see this will make life easier for a lot of people. This is available in many other CRM's so it should already in one of the top CRM's!


This is a really good idea, and something we desperately need to manage our multiple shared inboxes. Please consider implementing this feature as it is incredibly useful 


Pretty shocking that this isn't an option. Needs to happen.


I send emails to contacts from 2 separate emails, depending on their location. It would be great if I could save separate email signatures for each email address.


Hello Hubspot team 


We also would like 2 signatures as we have 2 business units operating in our platform. Our sales team has 2 emails and is in need of 2 signatures to address the correct customer correctly. I see that in this post people have complained and nothing has been actioned.



Good luck, we've been waiting years with NO hopeium from the HubSpot team

Maybe some day, someone, somewhere in the HubSpot family will read these
responses and take action to develop and catch up with every other CRM out
there that allows for multiple addresses.

Help us ALL, please...

@RBussau in case you didn't know, you can have different signatures from Shared Inboxes when you write from the conversations tool with a given shared inbox address.
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 07.56.35.png

What you don't seem to be able to do is write an email from an Object record and access more than 1 signature. Even if selecting to send from a Shared Inbox address on the Object Record, it won't take the inbox signature, but your own personal signature.

HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer. Multiple email signatures would allow them to use HTML in their signatures since the template workaround does not support this.