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Can you please make it so I can switch my signatures when i email from hubspot? I need to tailor it to fit the different types of people I speak with. That would be very helpful! Thank you! 

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Also need this very basic feature!

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Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

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Appreciate the update although it's super unfortunate to hear that this isn't even on the radar as this thread has been open for 4+ years. It's a somewhat strange feature to miss given that Hubspot already allows users to both add and send emails from multiple email addresses from within the CRM.


Is there a certain popularity level that this thread would need to reach for it to get back into the pipeline?




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Hi @NCO! The Ideas Forum Users Guide does a great job addressing this and other questions so I'll quote it here:

How long does it take for my Idea to get built?

It entirely depends on the traction your Idea receives from other users and the feasibility of the feature request. While the general rule is that the more popular a thread, the more likely it is to receive consideration from our Product team, this is not a certainty. An Idea may receive a high amount of upvotes, but if the feature isn’t able to be produced due to a technical, ethical, or legal reason, no amount of upvotes will be able to change that. That being said, sometimes our Product team finds a unique Idea with only a handful of upvotes and decides to move it into development. 

To answer your question directly: no, there is no necessary threshold this idea needs to reach for us to realize the value it would have. Simply put, there are too many other competing priorities, not just user requests, to allow us to prioritize this in the next few months. I'll be back with an update if and when that changes!


we have the same problem. In CRM we manage two brands, everything is set up separately (pipeline, deal stage etc). We need to send emails from Spark because Hubspot can't set two signatures


+1 as this would be super helpful for the different hats we wear. Would love to promote sales links for sales emails and resource links for CSM emails without having to manually change them.


This is a critical idea.  We support multiple email addresses with different signatures.  Definitely need this one.  


I don't think this is a free/paid issue, right? This feature just DOES NOT exist?

Wow. It should exist. Please make it exist.

Not only at our company, but I read outside of this forum that scores & scores of people are trudging through the manual changing of signatures, sometimes forgetting, then getting so fed up that they don't work in HubSpot, but work in Outlook or Gmail. That seems pretty silly to me.



J'aurais vraimet besoin de la fonctionalité d'utiliser deux adresses emails différentes. 

J'espère que cela va être mis en place rapidement


This would ABSOLUTELY be valuable to our team. We have often will send from a Support@ emails directly from the client file and it would be great if we could match it to the email signature from our shared support inbox!

This is something that is common in almost all mail clients and other CRM's these days. 




I am hoping to test a sequence to see if an email from the CEO gets a better response rate than a CEO from me (business development representative).


I have an alias as part of my company's Gmail account where I can send from what looks like the CEO's email address (from address & email signature). This even works in the Hubspot Gmail extension. I can change the from address and it works great.


Can this be included as a feature in Hubspot? If I'm able to save multiple email signatures and alter the from address to my address, I would be able to test whether "sending the CEO in" positively affects my response rate.


Also, it would be very useful to have html editor in snippets and be able to have a general sequences signature.


That was very well explained, thank you!

I only wish that Hubspot would finally acknowledge and take heed to these
requests. There is obviously a BIG issue and the high demand for this edit
is abundant. Please listen to these requests Hubspot as I have seen 100's
of replies now just like this one....


This is a critical issue. Many companies who want to invest into a CRM tool need flexibility, and this is a necessary solution to a common problem.


Allow customized signuture on email sequence. EX, I want to create a sequence & i'd rather have the signature of the deal owner of the contact  instead of having my personal signature. 


In our instance, it would be nice to have the ability to add more than 1 signature and then select which signature you would like to use when sending an email in HubSpot. We have a sister company that some employees work for in addition to the parent company - but both companies have their own branding/logo/colors/etc. Our workaround is that we created an email template with the sister company's branding. So when we respond to an email for the sister company, we use that template so our signature corresponds with the branding.




This doesn't really make sense to me.


It's possible to have multiple email addresses as Personal mailboxes, but with no way to add a corresponding signature in order to make sure you are sending from the correct one... Kind of defeats the purpose of multiple addresses...


Hope the common sense behind this is picked-up and soon implemented!


+1 for this. 

My use case is: 

I want to use different signatures depending on the lifecycle stage of a contact ( especially if they are Customers)


My signature is used as another marketing/communication tool - so I want it to change depending on if I am emailing a prospect or an existing customer.


I also am looking for this feature as I have different clients I email everyday. 

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Sharing on behalf of customer - their use case here:


Would like to have multiple email signatures for a user's email address.


Email address i.e. is connected as a team inbox by User B, and has a team signature set up following KB here


However, when a user B tries to email a contact via CRM (ie. wants to send out a sales email to the contact), while the FROM address allows for the user to choose the address, the email signature only pulls from the user's setting as set up following steps here and that email signature contains details of the user's own personal email signature instead of the details of the team signature.

Being able to configure multiple email signatures for emails sent via CRM would be helpful.