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Can you please make it so I can switch my signatures when i email from hubspot? I need to tailor it to fit the different types of people I speak with. That would be very helpful! Thank you! 

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This is an essential feature if I’m to use hubspot as my exclusive email app 




Why has this not been implemented yet? This is a must-have... if you can use multiple email aliases why wouldn't you be able to use multiple signatures too? So frustrating 😞 


We need this feature! 


Add one more to the list of people who could really use a second signature block.


Thanks for a great product that has made me more effective and efficient.


Alfred Poor


And another one for good measure.


We really need this feature to be rolled out. Anyone from HS listening??


The idea of setting up each signature in Snippets is great and would work very well if HubSpot allowed images to be used in Snippets. Our #MultipleSignatures have images in them so unfortunately we cannot use Snippets to solve this problem and copy/paste from an external document is too time consuming to ask our sales staff to do when they can easily use Outlook instead. Makes it very hard for us to sell our staff on the idea of operating soley out HubSpot.


Disappointing that no one from HubSpot has even come in here to post any news, this is clearly something that a lot of people would find beneficial and it doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to implement. Just allowing images in Snippets would solve the problem for us.


The irony, of course, is that I can use images in this reply box...

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This is a much needed feature.


+1 - Plus One - 100%   
HubSpot please add the possibility for multiple signatures.  I sometimes send email where I am the sender and on other occasions I am sending for the entire team.    As an alternate solution or a separate request --  adding the ability to use HTML and images in snippets would help to solve this issue.  




I have an issue where I don't want to use a different email signature for replying to Service Tickets (more generic) to when I have 1-on-1 emails for Sales (title).

As a new user, I am suprised to find out that only the Inbox allows for a team signature and not service tickets. This doesn't really make sense to me. Am I missing something?


We need this feature also. When writing an outbound email you can select the email it is sent from, so you should be able to match the signature with the reply from email address - like you can in conversations!


It would help to know why hubspot can't offer that option. Usually when they explain why this thing or that thing isn't possible, it'll make sense and I'll get over it. But I get the email sig thing all the time, and I can't tell our sales team why it's not possible -especially when a lot of things are possible in hubspot. As someone else mentioned, it makes it very hard to sell our staff on the idea of operating solely out of HubSpot.


We have multiple support pipelines and need the signature to reflect different branding in each pipeline. Snippets do not allow the addition of screenshots or logos (this seems like an oversight). 


Would like to add that the function of multiple signatures would be extremely beneficial to our group.

We use multiple email aliases for each of our products offered.  It is a very burdensome and time consuming task to manually input the corresponding email signature for each alias, for each email.

Also agreeing with Heather's comment that the option to insert a logo into snippets could be a great work-around for this.  However that function is not available either.


This is much needed. The ability to use multiple signatures based on the email address you are sending from. 




Our corporation has a portfolio of companies and requires alternate email addresses and signatures each.

Other CRM's offer this feature as a normal implementation, but I don't see it as an option through Hubspot (very frustrating) 😞


This is an ongoing challenge for us (and would probably be the only reason why we drop Hubspot). Please recognize this and implement them as soon as possible. 


Thank you in advance as your immediate assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated!


would also like the ability to manage all signatures from one admin account - we frequently change to link in to specific campaigns we're running



We work with multiple labels so it would be great to have multiple email signatures


I understand that this is not needed for everyone but for those of us who need it we really do need it. I sell to multiple different industries and my catalogs that are included in my signature are different for each one. It is annoying to have to edit my signature each time I send an email. I know it can be done in the email but it would be a lot easier to not have to do that and instead click a drop down to select the correct one.


Hello I greatly NEED this feature - the workaround option on another ticket similar to this is to delete the default signature and just copy in the signature as and when which seems like a huge waste of time.


Please PLEASE implement the multiple signatures - or even signatures assigned to different personal email addresses (when multiple). This is so crucial for us.