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Multiple Domains per Company

Use Case: Company utilizes secondary domain for email while the primary domain loads their website. Example: www.company123.com uses @co123mail.com for email.


A secondary domain option, with the abilility to add a list of domains associated with the parent company, allows us to track leads via email using the "Auto Create / Associate" feature without manually creating the contact for the parent company.

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Absolutely Suttungr! Completely +1 your case, we have similar issues that lead to quite dramatic consequences!

I would actually suggest that Hubspot would ask for confirmation when about to "automatically add". So you could pick which company you would actually want to add this contact. I know we lose the automatic here, but at least we keep data clean.


+1 exactly the same issue. 


I need several domains attached to a company




I love Hubspot so much, but it's topics like this when there is such an obviously needed feature that seems to basically be 90% there already, just missing a few options, that drive me crazy. There is obviously interest in these feature based on the pages of comments asking for it.


Let's go Hubspot devs!